Russ and Robin's cats


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Shadow, AKA Joe Cool, our five year old tabby. Isn't he just too cool? Shadow was born in an animal shelter and was going to be put down when he was eight weeks old because no one had adopted him. Thankfully, before he could be destroyed, he was rescued by a local woman. We adopted him from her a week later and we will forever be grateful to her for giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful cat in our lives. Mannie, our four year old Norwegian Forrest Cat mix. When Mannie was four and a half months old we found him at a local animal shelter where he had been waiting for over two months to be adopted. He is the sweetest natured animal we have ever met and we could not imagine life without him.



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Best friends bird watching.

Best friends chasing a laser pointer.


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This is our new cat Mondo who, two and a half months ago, showed up in our neighborhood. There were five of us feeding him and Russ and I made him a warm house on the front porch for him to sleep in. He was so thin that you could see his ribs and he was matted to the skin and full of burrs. We could not stand to see him outside so we took him to our vet where he was given a full checkup and his shots. The next day we found out that he did not have any diseases or parasites so we brought him into our home. Two weeks later we had him fixed and two weeks after that we took him in to have a hernia repaired. Mondo did not know how to play at first, which was very sad. I guess he had to spend all his time trying to survive and did not have time for play. He has been with us for over two months and is now playing with anything that moves. He runs around with a little mouse in his mouth that he throws in the air and then attacks. Mondo is very talkative and very affectionate and loves to sit near me so that I can cuddle with him. Sometimes I look at him and I want to cry because someone just left him outside to fend for himself and apparently did not care if he lived or died.