Tom & Carrie Lundy's Pets


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Comet, Tom & Carrie's Cat. Comet was a stray cat that adopted Tom & Carrie. Now he's living the good life. Boots, Tom & Carrie's front porch cat. Boots is a neighborhood stray that Tom & Carrie take care of. He has his own house on the front porch but when the weather is bad he stays in the house with the family.



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This is Bear (In Loving Memory) and Ducky (In Loving Memory). Ducky belonged to Tom & Carrie's neighbor but he decided he wanted to live with his friend Bear and moved right in. The two of them have been together now for several years.

Bear (In Loving Memory) and Ducky playing in their pool.


This is Ike, Tom & Carrie's new puppy, playing with Ducky, his best friend. When Bear passed away we were all worried about Ducky because he missed Bear so much, but things are looking up for Ducky now that he has Ike to play with.

Ducky & Ike wrestling (looks like Ducky is winning).

Ducky & Ike playing ball.

Lulu and Ike, best friends.


Lulu taking a nap.

Lulu on Tom's lap