The members of GHOSM are deeply disturbed by what appears to be the latest “trend” in ghost hunting and paranormal investigating; demons and evil spirits from hell. We would like to let the visitors to our website know that we do NOT believe that either are roaming the earth and we feel that this new direction ghost hunting has taken is totally ridiculous. We are not denying the existence of Hell and demons could possibly exist in some other dimension, but we do not believe they are roaming the earth.

We at GHOSM work very hard to try and teach people that the supernatural is nothing to fear and that spirits are just people without bodies and not dangerous evil beings. We are not saying that all spirits are like Casper the Friendly Ghost because some spirits are not pleasant to encounter, but they are not evil spirits sent from hell to harm or possess the living. We have been asked many times if ghosts can hurt people and our answer is always no. If spirits could harm the living then every newspaper and magazine in the world would be full of stories about people being attacked by ghosts. How many serial killers do you think there would be if ghosts could harm people?  I think the first murder victim would immediately kill the person that murdered him if he had that ability, so no killer would survive long enough to earn the title “serial killer”. If ghosts could harm people we would see people being chased by ghosts on a daily basis and no one would be safe from their wrath. You would not be able to walk down the street without seeing angry spirits attacking and killing people. The same is true with demons or evil spirits from hell. If they are here on earth why is it that they are not seen on a daily basis attacking, possessing and harming people?

Our goal has always been to help people who believe there is paranormal activity in their homes or places of business and we believe that telling people ridiculous stories about demons and evil spirits would only frighten them more. We have received several emails from people asking us for help with “verified” demonic hauntings, and we have had to tell these people that we cannot help them. We will do everything we can to help you if you believe your home or place of business is haunted, but if you believe or have been told that there is a demon behind the haunting we are not the right group to contact. Plain and simple, hauntings and paranormal activity are caused by spirits, not creatures from hell.