This story happened June of '99. It took place at my grandfather's house in Riverview, Mi. Since 98' my grandfather had been complaining of ghosts coming into his room at night, it started with a young woman in either a white dress or a black dress, standing over him while he slept. After he saw her several times, she woke him one night by tickling his nose. He tried on several occasions to ask questions like who are you? and What do you want? As soon as he moved or spoke she would disappear.  Before long he began to wake to find his room filled with people, a mother sat on the bed while three children played on the floor at her feet. Men would be standing around talking to one another, and one man even was working on my grandfather's clock. If he moved, though, they would all disappear. Except for one night he woke and told everyone to leave and they did except for one man who was leaning on his door jam, with his thumbs tucked into his pockets. Grandpa asked who he was and what he wanted several times, but the man just stared, so grandpa told him if he didn't have anything to say, leave so that he could go back to sleep. The man took one hand out of his pocket and saluted him and turned and walked away. The first night I arrived with my mother, we slept in my grandfather's room. We were so tired from the flight that we slept straight through the night, and the next night. However, the third night was a different story. We stayed up till around midnight watching, ( I have to say this house is very spooky to begin with, it's filled with antiques, statues, and old stained glass windows.To me it looks like a castle treasury) and we didn't see or hear anything so we went to sleep. When I'm nervous I drink a lot of water, and the more I drink the more trips to the bathroom I make. At 1:30 I woke to make another trip and each time I went, I woke my mother to walk to the bathroom which was at the end of a spooky hall filled with old mirrors. This time she refused and told me to go by myself, so I considered holding it until daylight and decided o.k, I'm 23 years old and I most certainly don't need my hand held, no matter how hard my knees were shaking . Have you ever watched a cop show where they run behind a door, and then peer around it? Well, that's what I did all the way to the bathroom. I made it there with no incidents and I felt pretty safe when I came out, as I was telling myself I was just being a sissy. I strutted all the way down the hall feeling pretty tough by now. I got back in the bed and told my mom I made it. Then it started. First the rattling and the banging toward the bathroom, and of course I left the hall door open. My mother and I shot up from the bed and she says, "This is it". We listened. We knew it wasn't my grandfather because we could hear him snoring away in the living room and the only other person in the house is his mother at 93, so we didn't get our hopes up at first, although for the life of me I couldn't figure out who would want to make so much noise. It sounded like plastic bags being shaken and the bathroom door being opened and shut, and knocking on the walls. While we were arguing on who should get up and look, the foot steps started. First at a fast walk then at a run up and down the hall stopping right before it got into sight. Like a child playing. A large child, with big feet. I'm steadily hissing "shut the
door" to poor old mom, and she's hissing right back "no you". Finally it stopped and she got up and shut the door, but not all of the way. I said shut the damn door and she said "but I thought you wanted to see" and I said I don't want to see anything, just shut the damn door. Then we went to sleep with no more trouble. The next day we left and as soon as we pulled out of the driveway , the T.V. in that room flew off the table, it didn't land on the table,
but the table lay on the floor in ten pieces. That night Grandpa woke to two choir boys floating across the room.



This happened to me when I was about five years old and I still remember it very clearly. My mother was in the kitchen washing the dishes and I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my cabbage patch dolls. I had a glass of water sitting next to me on an end table and on the other side of the table sat an over stuffed chair. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my mother sitting there staring at me while I could still hear the dishes banging around in the kitchen. I turned and looked at her, and a few things began to worry me, first, she just stared and smiled, second, I could see the chair through her, third, her outfit was the same as my mother's except the real mom was wearing a red shirt and this one had on a yellow shirt. I think she started to notice my distress, so she reached over and picked up my glass of water and pretended to take a drink. I asked ,"Mommy why are you drinking my water.",and she just smiled. Then I slowly stood up and started to walk from the room into the kitchen with my real mother. I looked over my shoulder a few times and she still sat there smiling. When I reached the kitchen, I quickly told mom that she was in there drinking my water, she was see through and she had the wrong colored shirt on. By the time mom got to the room the lady had already disappeared. By the time this happened to me the whole family and a few unfortunate guests already knew about our haunting and it was no big news. It's funny, I was never afraid to be alone in a room at that house. The fact the we had ghosts didn't bother me, and the ghost did not start appearing until after I was born. I think this particular ghost took on the form of my mother just so she wouldn't scare me. I think she kept smiling to show me she didn't mean any harm. I think if it happened today I would react a little differently, such as screaming at the top of my lungs and running from the room at full speed.



The first sighting of this creature was by my Mother suspended above the fireplace in the living room. All that would appear was the head. It was a monster face like a wolf, but not exactly. It had skin and wiry hair on top of its head and it glowed green. It would snarl and growl, and its features were twisted in rage. It had teeth like a dog or wolf and pointed ears. It was definitely something very evil and unfriendly. I was fortunate enough never to have seen it, but it was viewed by my mother and brother a couple of times above the fireplace. It attacked my brother and his girlfriend and my brother tried to punch it as it swooped down at them. When he swung at it, the thing opened its mouth and swallowed Mark's (my brother) arm up to his elbow before it disappeared. On one trip to Florida, our house sitter shot out our upstairs window saying that there was a monster's face in it. We also had two little boys that were walking down the street and saw the face in the window and were brave enough to come to the door and tell my mother," Hey, lady, do you know you have a monster in your window." It was the same window that our house sitter shot out. I don't know what it was but I may have an explanation for it and the other spirits. When we bought the house a cousin of ours (3rd or 4th) lived in the home that belonged to her mother. She was very happy there and didn't want to move. Her parents made her, so she trashed the house, which we remodeled anyway. After I was born things started to happen it began with a spotted horse floating around the house. It was an old carved rocking horse and it was first seen in front of the fireplace. My mother called Winnie the previous owner and asked her if she had ever had a rocking horse. She said yes and mom described it to her. Winnie said yes, that was the rocking horse her father had made for her. Then she asked mom if she found a picture of it or if she had found the rocking horse in the attic. Mother didn't respond but a couple of days later called Winnie back and confessed what she had seen. Winnie then told Mom that her daughter was involved in some sort of occult and that she had cursed the house. Winnie said that she told her daughter we were relatives and her daughter said she was sorry and would try to undo what she had done. Well I guess she couldn't and neither could the priests and the witch and all the holy water we used . Nor did all of the exorcisms that were preformed . We lived there a total of seven years and had many magazines,one being Time wanting to do an article on our house. My parents refused not wanting to draw people in or more reporters. We finally moved to Florida.These few stories are just a beginning to what proved to be an interesting childhood. My family still sits around and talks about that house and its happenings. Would you like to invite us over for Halloween? We are sure to entertain.



When I was around six months old, my mother started having serious problems with the spirits. At night when she went to bed, they would begin to poke her through the mattress and would continue to do it until she got off the bed. They would start at her feet and poke all the way. She would try sitting on a pillow and holding her feet up and they poked her through the pillow. She says it felt like fingers and that she was the only one they did it to. She even tried putting me and my brother in the bed and they still poked only her. My parents got a call one night from some paranormal researchers asking about the house. They were given our number by the witch that had tried to exercise our home. They told mom if she hung a crucifix above her bedroom door that the spirits would be unable to enter. Well she was too tired to hang it up, so she laid it on her night stand, and apparently the ghosts were not too happy about it. It flew off the night stand and hit the wall and then flew under the bed. Then they started the poking again. My mom ended up sleeping on top of my dad with me in the middle and my brother on the other side of me for 3 or 4 years. Finally, she had priests come in perform an exorcism which did stop them and the activity in the house for a short period of time. Fortunately when they did come back, they didn't continue the poking. I guess they thought if they didn't behave they would get run off again.



When I was around four years old my dad bought me a baby mouse. We put it in a cardboard box, until we could find a cage. The next morning my dad got up and went downstairs. The mouse was gone. He tore the whole box apart looking under the flaps at the bottom. He knew how upset I would be when I woke up to find my little mouse gone. He then went down into the basement, to put wood in the burner. As soon as he got downstairs he could hear the patter of little feet. He walked back up the stairs, ready to tell me about the missing mouse. When he got back into the living room, no one was there, so he went back down into the basement and as soon as he got there he could hear someone running around again. After several times back and forth, and not seeing anyone, he gave up and finished his job in the basement. When I really did get up, he told me about my mouse and told me that he would get another one. I walked over and looked in the box and there was the mouse as if he hadn't been anywhere. Were there ghost children playing with my mouse? Did they take it out of the box and then have to catch it? I'm not sure, but at the time I was very happy to have them bring it back.



Florence was a young woman that took care of the woman who my parents bought the house from, when she was a child. I think Florence may have been a cousin also. When Winnie was a child Florence would come there to take care of her and her siblings. Florence died when she was in her early twenties and I think it may have been from allergies, but I'm not sure. Florence loved children and after I was born she started coming to the house, as a ghost.
The first time I was asleep next to mom downstairs. My mom woke to find a young woman with blonde hair and a plaid shirt on leaning over her. She startled her and then she disappeared. Then again on another night the same woman was leaning over us and my mother backed up and shoed her with the blanket. She disappeared from the feet up, stopped when she got to her head and stared for a minute, and then poof she was gone. After I got older, around  two or three, at night when I laid my head on the pillow, there would be a woman's voice singing lullabies and the ABC song. Every night I would hear her through the pillow and that is what I fell asleep to. I think that's very sweet and I'm sure it was Florence doing the singing.


At the same house, my parents had a friend over watching a film they took in Florida. They had the lights out and this friend of theirs kept asking if they had a dog or some sort of animal. They said no and he said, well, something keeps tugging on my arm. That's when my dad told him that the house was haunted. He got up and said, that's cool, and left.  I don't think they ever saw  him again. We also had a friend over and my grandmother and great
grandmother when something odd happened. Something came down in the middle of us and started screeching. It sounded like rats screeching but amplified by ten. It followed us in every room we went in, outside, downstairs, into a trailer we had in the yard. I don't know what it was, but it kept it up for a long time. Nothing was seen, but it stayed right with us screeching so loud it hurt your ears.



My brother woke one night to find an Indian man's head floating above him, speaking in a funny language ( native American, I assume). He tried to ask him who he was and what he wanted, but the man didn't respond, at least not in our own tongue. He stayed for awhile then disappeared. On another occasion my mother woke to find a misty apparition hovering over my brother, who was sleeping on the floor. The figure was  holding a baby on its shoulder and was not clear enough to make out if it was a man or a women. The figure laid the baby beside my brother and then laid itself down on the other side of the baby. They stayed that way for a long time before disappearing. Once a ouija board was used to try to communicate with the spirits of the house, by my mother and a friend. She asked the one who decided to talk to them who he was, and he responded with an Indian name I can't remember. They asked where he was and he said in the basement and told them he wanted to keep dead. He repeated it over and over. I can only figure that means, his remains were under the basement and don't dig me up. It may have been the same spirit from the ouija board that added fire wood to our wood burning stove, before we could get to the basement and put more in. It's funny to find new logs in a fire that had been burning for many hours. These experience all happened in the Westland house.


I wanted to tell you about what happened to a friend of mine when I was a teenager and lived at my parent's house down here. We had this girl who ran away from home living with us, ( I don't know if you would call her a run away, her mom didn't want her so she moved in with us.) Anyway, me and my sister in-law were sitting in the apartment connected to our house, which my brother lived in. Lori ( my friend) walked into my brothers bedroom, while me and my sister in-law were sitting in the living room listening to the radio. All of a sudden Lori came running from the room and stood in front of the bedroom door pointing and stuttering something I couldn't make out. She was white as a sheet and she was clutching her chest and pointing. Both of us stood up and started asking what was wrong and after some more sputtering and stuttering, figured she most have seen something. I asked her, Lori  did you see something, and she nodded. Being the big chicken that I am, I said o.k., well, on the count of three run for the house. We ran  for the house and went to my room, and once we calmed her down enough, I asked her what she had seen. She said that she was brushing her hair and smiling at herself in the mirror, when a shadow formed behind her. It was pitch black, but it had slanted evil eyes and a wicked, crooked grin. It was mimicking her brushing her hair. She said it looked like a cartoon character. I mustered up some braveness and went back to the bedroom and looked around. What ever it was had left, and has never come back. Spooky, huh.