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Daisy was a ferret that we adopted from a shelter when she was 6 months old. She lived with us for 9 months and then died very suddenly in a tragic accident. She had become a very big part of our lives and we loved her dearly. We were overcome with grief at having lost her and still, to this day , we miss her greatly. On the night  Daisy died I was so upset that I went to bed early. As I laid there, unable to sleep, I heard scratching sounds coming from behind the night stand next to the bed. This was one of the favorite spots for both of our ferrets to take a nap, and I often heard these scratching sounds when they were back there resting. Thinking it must be Ringo, our other ferret,  I got up to check on him and found him asleep in his cage. I returned to bed and again heard the noises and then felt something climbing onto the bed, which was something Daisy often did.  I was surprised that I wasn't scared, only comforted to think that she was there with me. These strange occurrences   went on for a couple of weeks and then stopped. One night about 6 months after Daisy passed away I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go to the kitchen to get a drink. On my way to the kitchen I walked down the hall past the ferrets' room. As I walked past their room I saw a light colored ferret sitting outside their door, looking into the room. I thought to myself, "What's Belle (we had adopted Belle after Daisy died), doing out in the hall." Belle is our lightest colored ferret so I assumed she had somehow gotten out of her cage. As I turned to take a closer look, I realized that the ferret I saw was gold colored and glowing. Almost immediately it began to dissolve and break apart until only the tail remained, and then that too disappeared. I don't know why she was there that night other than the fact that we had placed a gate in the door way of the ferrets' room because we had company. I like to think that she comes back every night to stay in her old room and was just sitting there wondering why the gate was there.

By Robin Lemkie


One night last summer when it was very hot, Russ decided to sleep on the couch where we have a window air conditioner. I stayed in the bedroom and fell asleep with the light on. For some reason I woke up at 2:30 am. As I was lying there trying to decide if I wanted to get up to get a drink, something jumped off the bed. Whatever it was sprang off the bed and it felt like it does when a small animal jumps down from the bed. I was wide awake when this happened, and since the light was on I could clearly see the whole bed. I had been looking at the opposite side of the bed, where whatever it was had jumped from, when this happened, so I knew there wasn't anything there. It scared me so much that I got up, went to the living room and told Russ that I didn't care how hot it was, he HAD to come back to the bedroom to sleep. I couldn't fall back to sleep for quite awhile, and as I was lying there thinking about what had just happened, I realized it must have been Daisy paying me a visit. She used to climb up on our bed all the time, so I figured she was just going about her normal routine.

By Robin Lemkie


My son passed away at the tender age of 24 about 7 years ago. We had both attended and graduated from the same high school. Approximately 2 years after his passing I came across his tassel from high school and decided to hang it on my rearview mirror in my car. One day while my girlfriend and I were driving home from work I was telling her that both Eddie and I had graduated from the same high school. I also mentioned that I no longer had my tassel but that I could "share" Eddie's. The only thing that set his tassel apart from mine, I told her, was the year charm that was on it. I no sooner said this when, as if on cue, the year charm hanging from the tassel fell off. It fell on the floor and rolled under the seat. Try as we might, we could not find the charm. I looked at my girlfriend and told her it was as if Eddie had taken that year charm off the tassel. I could almost hear him saying, "There mom, now we really do share the tassel".

By Bevy Hart


Two years ago for Halloween, a friend of mine and I decided to rent costumes from a local shop that carries costumes used in old stage productions. We decided to go as people from the Medieval times, and they had the perfect outfits. The costumes were really old and we had to do some repair work on them, such as replacing jewels that were falling off or coloring parts of the fading fabric. Things were strange from the moment we rented these costumes. I got a headache every time I was around my costume. The next day there were strange hot and cold spots in my apartment that had never been there, and haven't been there since then.I know that these weren't the result of a draft, or the heat because these spot occupied roughly one and a half foot wide circular areas.There was also a horrible decay like smell in the back bedroom that I used as my office. Once again, this smell had never been in my home before, and hasn't been back since. A friend of mine who lived upstairs from me refused to come into my apartment, not even knowing about the costume. At the various Halloween parties that we went to, many people commented on how scary I looked, even though there was nothing the least bit frightening about my Medieval lord outfit. Then as I was leaving the last party of the night, my friend and I heard footsteps behind us following us to my car. Thinking it was one of our friends, we turned around and there was no one there. After that, my costume waited in my garage until it was time to take it back. Weeks later, I was getting my film developed from that night, and was looking over a couple of shots I took just to use up the last couple of pictures on the roll. On one shot of my balcony, there was a strange person sized area of light on an otherwise unlit balcony. Unfortunately, I destroyed the pictures, not wanting anything to be able to find its way back to my home. Now, you must bear in mind that I am not an overly superstitious person, neither am I a drinker, and I looked for any logical causes for the hot and coldspots and the awful smell in my home. I could find none. The woman behind the counter where I got my film developed believed that there must have been something wrong with my film, but she had never seen anything like it before. Also, my friend from upstairs is a self claimed psychic, who "saw" around my costume a blond man by the name of Alan.

By Anonymous


This story is about something that happened to me when I was younger and living  in Belding, Mi with my foster family.  We lived on one side of Belding and my foster parent's nephew and his family lived on the other side of Belding. I was always visiting their house, but didn't like walking home from there after dark because I had to walk between two buildings, side by side, with an alley between them. I didn't like the alley, it always scared the heck out of me. One day I stayed at their house longer than I had expected and knew I had to walk by the scary alley on my way home. I was walking real slow and planned to run like the blazes when I got almost to the alley, then I would walk the rest of the way home. Like I said, I was walking very slowly when something touched my hand and I almost jumped four feet off the ground, or so it seemed to me. When I looked down there was the most beautiful big collie I had ever seen. I said "Where did you come from, girl?" and put my hand on her head and together we walked past the alley. After crossing the alley, I looked down at her and she was gone. I looked all over and called for her, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I asked everyone around there if they knew the collie, but no one had ever seen her before. I think about that collie often, she was very beautiful. After that day, I always walked home in the daylight. I have seen a lot of pretty collies, but she was the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

By Beatrice Shannon




From 1992 to 1996, I lived in a little town in Tennessee called Jellico. It was a town of only maybe 200 people. I lived in a house that many people had warned me was haunted before I moved into it. I have seen many things there. It is said that 2 elderly men died there. I believe that to be true. I have heard shuffling footsteps both day and night that sounded like an elderly man who didn't pick up his feet when he walked. I have seen shadows across the walls. I have heard voices talking. Things have come up missing even though I was the only one in the house. But the most weird thing of all was that when I went to bed at night and turned off the light, someone would lay down beside of me. There was enough light from the streetlights outside to see that there was an impression of someone on the bed beside of me, but you couldn't see anyone there. The bed was a waterbed so I could feel every little movement. Sometimes whoever it was would forcefully yank my covers off of me. It would steal my cigarettes and lighter. They would be nowhere to be found and I would be the only one there. My antique rocking chair would rock at night with no one in it and all the windows closed. I was never afraid of whatever it was in the house. Also when I first moved into the house, it would open and close the kitchen cupboard doors late at night and turn on the bathroom light and after a few minutes the light would go off. As I said, I never felt afraid. When the entity or entities would get too loud, I would just say, "Fred, please keep it down, would you?" And the noise would stop. I don't know why I called it Fred, I guess I just wanted to give it a name. I don't know the entire story of that house, but all the old-timers I have talked to have said the same thing: that 2 old men died there. Before I moved there, I didn't really believe in that sort of thing. Now I do. My husband thinks I am nuts when I mention stuff like that. He is from Ohio. My family is from Tennessee. My grandmother's maiden name is Hatfield of the famous Hatfield and MCoy feud. I have seen and heard MANY things while I lived there. All I believe to be true.

By Kerry Walton




My friend had a baby in December of 1992. She was raped and that was how she got pregnant. But she bravely decided to keep the baby. We were room mates at the time. The baby ended up being VERY sick when it was born. The day it was born it had open heart surgery. My friend decided she wasn't ready for a baby with so much wrong with it. So I kind of took over the care of the baby and became its mother even though my friend was still around her baby a lot. The baby was in the hospital for 6 months. We brought him home and he lived one and a half months before he died. I was so attached to him by that time that it was like I had lost my own child. I kept going to the graveyard 4 or 5 times a day. I just couldn't let him go. There is a saying down there that you shouldn't go to a graveyard after 4pm because you will disturb the dead if you do. Well, I got the urge one night to go at about 10pm. So I got in my car and went there. His grave happened to be right at the front of the graveyard. So as soon as I turned in, I turned my car toward the grave and cut the engine and lights. I sat there for a few minutes unwilling to get out of the car because of all the wild animals around. (Not long before I had seen a bear!) So I stayed in my car looking at his grave and crying softly. The moon was full so I could just make it out. All at once, there was the most amazing soft blue light that shone just over his grave! It radiated about 10 feet above his grave  and shone for about 10 minutes. The light formed a kind of upside down "V" over the grave. I was not afraid, but I kind of got weirded out and decided to leave about 2 minutes after the light came. I turned the ignition and nothing happened. My car wouldn't start. I tried 5 or 6 times to start it. Finally I gave up and just sat there with my mouth open staring at the light. It stayed for about 10 minutes and then faded away. As soon as it was gone, I turned the ignition again and the car started right up and I left. This graveyard is on the very top of a mountain called Clairfield Mountain. The bottom of the mountain has about 6 houses and that area is called Rock Creek. It isn't possible that the light came from anywhere else. I think it was just the baby's way of trying to tell me that he was in Heaven and for me not to worry about him. After that, I came to peace with his death and only visited the grave about 2 times a month. I knew he was with God after I saw that light. While sitting in my house exactly one week later, at about 8pm, me and the baby's real mom and her sister saw the baby's casket float across the room in front of us. We were in the living room watching TV and all of a sudden we just saw his casket. I knew it was his because I had picked it out! Again, I was not afraid. I also woke up one night after midnight and saw him floating on a cloud at the foot of my bed. He was in the outfit I had buried him in. He smile at me and then just faded away. I believe that all of these were signs from him telling me not to worry about him, that he was not in pain any longer. I am not at all a religious person and I don't go to church, but I do believe in signs from beyond the grave after what I had experienced after he died. I loved this baby so much I even had his name tattooed on my arm!

By Kerry Walton




Three years ago my husband and I bought our first home, a 114 year old house in Ionia County, Michigan. Our very first week there my husband was out of town on business and I unpacked and got things situated. Exhausted from all the moving, the one important thing I wanted to get set up was the bed! When I finally hit the hay, I slept were well, but had a "vision" while sleeping and woke with a start. It was just a real quick, flash/vision of two elderly women sitting in our bay window on chairs with one of those big water pitchers and bowl sets between them on a table.  They both had elegant long, gray hair and bed clothes on and appeared to be brushing their hair. A few weeks later, when doing research on our old house, we discovered that there had indeed been two elderly sisters by the name of Hemmingway that had once lived in our house! There is nothing scary going on in our house, but we do hear footsteps and doors every so often.

By Lee Deitrick




My story is about a house in Southwest Detroit. The home is a small 2 bedroom home with no basement and an unfinished attic. I stayed in the home with some friends back in 1983. My first experience in this home was one evening my friends were gone and I was sitting in the front room watching TV and I heard the toilet flush. Well, I
thought what the hell is going on because I knew everyone was gone so I walked into the bathroom and the toilet was just filling back up. Maybe it can be explained because not all plumbing is perfect. When I told my story to
my friend's mom she informed me that it has happened before, also other thing have happened like water being turned on by itself. She told me it was the spirit of a little girl that lived in the home and died in the alley right next to the house from falling and hitting her head on a brick. OK, I was spooked now! A few months went by when one evening everyone was sleeping. The mom & dad were in the front bedroom and their year old daughter was in the crib in the front room. The reason for this is the home is so small it had one of those old fashion furnaces that was placed on the wall opposite the kitchen. Now I slept in the 2nd bedroom and it was about 2:00A.M. when I awoke from my sleep to hear a loud noise. It sounded like the baby's crib was shaking so I got up and went into the front room to see what was going on and there was no one there except the baby sleeping in her crib. I walked to the parent's room calling their name and they did not respond. They were still asleep. So I went back to my room and laid down. 15 minutes had passed without hearing anything and then it happened again, so I ran from my room to see once again what was going on and no one was there. Now I was getting real upset because I thought someone was pulling a prank or something, so this time I went back to my room and sat on the edge of my bed and awaited for it to happen again. It was about 30 minutes later I heard the crib shaking so I ran into the front room and there
was no one there except the baby still asleep and I checked on the parents and they were still asleep. OK, I admit it, I was getting spooked now because of all the stories the mom had told me before. So this time I went back to my room and pushed my hands down on the bed to make the noise of someone getting in bed and I hid by my bedroom door and waited and waited. It took about a good 40 minutes and I heard the noise of the crib shaking again so I jumped from my bedroom door and yelled "got you" and no one was there!!  I was real scared and the noise from me yelling "got you" woke everyone up in the home and I told them what was going on. That night we all slept in the front room and I never experienced anything else in the home, but the new residents say that they have only experienced the water running with no one around. So I have to believe there is something in this home (Not sure what.)

By Anonymous




Hello - I have read your stories and find them fascinating - but your story about the house in southwest Detroit is a little wrong - the reason for this is that I am the owner of that house - or I was until 1995 - I grew up in this house and I was born there - so after 30 years in that house I could tell you stories that would scare you to death - My mother had bought the house about 4 years before I was born and from that moment on there were spooky things that happened on a daily basis - that was my one year old in the crib that you read about - yes we were spooked that night and all of us slept in the living room - This house was on a little street call Witt St. - and ever since I could remember there were odd and strange and downright terrifying things that happened it that house - but it wasn't a little girl that fell and died in the alley next to it - It was a little boy - and a drunk driver came screeching out of the alley when the boy was on his way to the penny candy store right around the corner - the kid died instantly - the little girl died in the attic - the attic used to be converted into a loft with 2 bedrooms - one for each of the little girls that used to live in this house - there was also a small section in the attic that wasn't finished with a floor yet and it was sectioned off with a huge curtain - one day one of the little girls was playing in the unfinished area - she tripped and fell and landed face first on some tools and sharp equipment - a piece of metal went right through the child's brain (she was 2 at the time) and she died an agonizing slow death - the other little girl grew up and on her wedding day she was getting ready in her dress and looking out the windows for her fiance. Once they rode by and beeped - she was to make her way to the church up on the main street not too far from the home - the police showed up and told her that her fiance was trying to be funny and was driving with a blindfold on and his best man was trying to tell him when to steer, stop and hit the brake - they got into an accident and the fiance was decapitated - when she heard of this - she locked herself in the bathroom - ran the water and cut her wrists and held them under the water - water makes the blood run more freely and takes away the pain - she was trying to flush the toilet to flush her ring but the ring wouldn't go down - she also died.   Well, the spooky things that happened all my childhood and adult life up to age 30 seems to coincide with the events that happened all those years ago.  I have heard the running water, the flushing toilet, but the other things used to spook me - I would not stay in my house alone at night although during the day did not bother me.  I, as well as many others, have seen a lady in white (the bride probably) staring out windows, the side windows that face the main street where the fiance would have traveled. She has been seen in the bathroom window, and once (and only once) in the attic window in front of several trick-or-treaters that thought it was a cool effect that I had created of the death lady (these were children oohing and aaahing about it). I have been upstairs (we had refinished it and cut a door where the window was and made a balcony) and have turned around to leave after getting a spooky cold feeling only to trip over a very strange and old quilt lying there on the floor - I fell face first and bashed my face., I had a huge welt on my head for days, when we went back upstairs to locate the old unusual quilt, it could not be found anywhere  - another time I tripped again and fell halfway down the entrance that leads up to the attic - I have gone to climb up there one other time and saw little nooses hanging all over the rafters (before it was finished) - since the 3rd incident I would not go back up there - I have seen someone standing at the foot of my bed several times - I have even seen someone at the foot of my bed, sat up  and then seen the same vision right beside me - it was a hideous decayed man - the thought still gives me the willies. this is one of the many bad vibes and sightings that have happened, they usually show up when someone has done something bad or wrong. I have had the bathroom door slammed in my face, I have seen a hand reach out for me only to jump and turn to see no one - others have seen hands coming out of closets at them - my brother has seen many bad things (he was wild when he was young) - he has been slapped in the face by an apparition twice and both times was after getting into trouble - we like to think that it is the little boy keeping people in line since he was killed by a bad drunk driver.  as I got older, I still wouldn't stay there at night by myself, but I grew to depend on them being there somehow - and I have seen strange floating images - almost like those orbs that you have pictures of  - I have talked to the woman who sold the house to my mom back in 1959 - it was her daughters that died there - she also told me that the visions of the decaying horrible man might be her uncle - he died there of a massive heart attack - but she said he was an evil man that did evil things to people while he was alive.- I think the girl who died upstairs is trying to show how she died, that is why people have accidents up there and trip and fall, I think the bride is the one that pops up in windows now and then - maybe the one at the foot of my bed sometimes when I felt like life wasn't worth living - maybe she was there to tell me not to give up like she did - she has appeared to a friend of mine right after her husband and her broke up , the friend stayed with me and said that she saw a woman in white appear at her bedside and tell her that all would be okay - she had never heard about the stories of the woman in white before, but it became big news in the neighborhood.  I think the little boy pops up whenever anyone is bad and gives them a little smite in the face or maybe the one that grabs them from behind, and I think the bad things that people see is the bad uncle just trying to provoke his evil from beyond - I think that the running water and the flushing toilet is the bride since she held her wrists under running water and was trying to flush her ring down the toilet. I think the bathroom door slamming and locking is her also when she ran to the bathroom and locked herself in after getting the horrible news.  I remember seeing pillows sink down with the impression of a head being on it (with no one there) to a old rocking chair that my mom had that would just start rocking violently all on its own, and then just suddenly stop - I know in my heart that the house on Witt St. is haunted - I lived there for a little more than 30 years - you can learn a lot from a house like that  ------- LIKE THE FACT THAT EVEN THOUGH THE HOUSE WAS FILLED WITH GHOSTS AND SPIRITS ------ IT IS VERY MUCH ALIVE WITH ACTIVITIES.   Maybe they haven't appeared to the new owners because they miss me and my family (I bought the house from my parents after they moved and continued to live there till I was a little over 30 years old)  just as much as I miss them -  Maybe some day I can go back and say hello.   Oh yeah - and I was born there in the house too - I wonder if that is why they appeared to me more than any other person.  Maybe because they lost their lives there and I started mine there ---as their spirits left there body there, mine entered my body there , maybe in some way we were connected.