About 15 years ago we moved into a home in Birmingham, MI.  Several months later at a Mensa Paranormal Group meeting, I held a seance (sort of jokingly - having been proved many times to have super parapsychic powers).  During the seance I foresaw the death of the host's wife and her burial with snow falling all around.  I would not disclose my "vision" for fear of frightening the other guests.At the same meeting there was an ex-nun named Sheila who had become involved in "Black Magic", and appeared to have a lot of hatred for me.   Several days after the meeting, I started to have strange things happening in my home - pictures sliding off the wall, strange knocking sounds, cold drafts, black handprints appearing on the newly painted basement ceiling, and images appearing in the fireplace.  An almost complete stranger, a professional psychic, came up to me and told me she felt a poltergeist was trying to take up residence in my home.  We had never previously discussed anything of this sort.  She told me how to discourage it - surrounding my home with light, talking to it and telling it that while I appreciated the fact that it was lonely I really didn't want it hanging around, and so on.  I followed then for several weeks, then finally invited the group to my home.  They all experienced all of the strange behavior.   Out loud I repeated my chant, which I had been repeating silently for some time, "you belong to Sheila - please go home with her".  As Sheila was walking out the door, we all felt a cold rush of wind, and all the pictures on the walls shook.  Never again did I have my poltergeist bothering me - although I understand he caused Sheila a lot of problems after that.   Also never again have I delved into the paranormal.

By Bev Luther



Some years ago my son, who was five at the time, and myself lived in a small town not far from Detroit. I had heard of a story about a man, his wife and children who a couple years previous lived on a somewhat country road  not far from where we lived. It was said of him that he had taken his family to the barn on the property and killed his wife and all of his children, then he vanished and the authorities never found him. The house remained vacant
and a huge lock and chain sealed off the barn doors to keep out the curious. I was curious about the house and did some research on my own and found out where it was located. I did drive there to see it. It didn't look vacant but no one lived there. The next day I drove there and there were children's toys scattered in the front yard but there were no children there. The next day I drove there again and the toys were gone. The next day I drove there just as darkness came and the lights were on. I left my car on the road, walked up to the house and looked in the front window. The table was set for dinner, I think there were five plates on the table, but no one was there. I was scared, and glad to make it back to my car and leave. The next night I drove there again, the lights were not on, but I stayed in my car. Next to this house and the barn is a cemetery. Rumor has it that the souls of these murdered people are there. There is a tombstone in this cemetery  that glows in the night. It is not as much a glow as it is a haze. This I did see. I did not venture close to it because I was afraid, and after all it was night time. They say the tombstone has been researched and no one could explain why it glows, and more strange incidents have occurred around this tombstone that no one can explain. I had the impression that the murdered family was buried there, but I don't really know. I never could find anyone brave enough to walk to that tombstone with me.  

By Christine Kristoff



I was lying in my bed about midnight , trying to get to sleep, when I rolled over and looked up into the doorway. It was dark, but I saw a medium sized, woman shaped , white figure in my doorway. I was half asleep so I thought it was my little sister at first. I told her come over and lie down by me. She used to get scared in her own room and would come into mine. I looked away for a second and when I didn't feel her get into the bed, I looked back. The
white figure was still standing there. It was white from head to toe and was bright, just around itself and you couldn't see it's face. I then got nervous and in a second, it   just vanished. I later found out from my mother that my little sister had seen the same apparition in her bedroom, around the same time at night, now I knew why she didn't want to sleep in her own room

By Tyna Flynn



I had just moved into an apartment with my boyfriend in Three Oaks, MI. It was a couple of days later when I was in the bathroom doing my hair when I noticed someone standing behind me. It was a dark figure. I turned quickly and it was gone. I went into the kitchen to ask my boyfriend what he wanted and he said he hadn't been in there. He didn't have time to make it back through the two rooms before I would've seen him. I always felt like someone was watching me there from day one. I even went to do laundry in the middle wash room between the four apartments one night while my boyfriend worked. I heard a pounding coming from the wall in my kitchen. I was so scared. I walked around the building to see if someone was home. I was the only tenant home in the whole building. I heard the noise again, I stayed in the laundry room for about an hour and finally went back in. By this time my boyfriend had thought I'd lost my mind. Until one day he and a friend were sitting at the kitchen table and I was watching television in the other room off the kitchen. I saw this big black figure go past the doorway. I jumped up to watch the two men watch in horror as the figure, shaped like a very big man, went right past them and into the wall. They both ran out the door and said nothing to me at all.

By Tyna Flynn



I was in my friends house whom I lived with at the time in New Buffalo, MI. I had also felt a presence in that house as well, no matter how many people were around. The tape player would just start playing by itself. I heard people that weren't there call my name as well as my friend's mother. But one day I was in the recreation room in the basement of the home. I had been playing pool with my friend, he went upstairs to talk to his mom for a minute so I continued to play pool. I felt eyes on me again.  I looked up from making a shot, when I noticed a dark figure standing in between two brick pillars to the right of me. I thought it was my friend just trying to scare me so I started talking to it. It just stared at me. I could see the whites of its eyes with its dark pupil and a glimmer of light in the corner of one eye. It was a tall figure,with long black hair and I believe it was a man from its size. I ran outside through the basement  glass doors to look through the front door that was open. I could see my friend and his mom talking in the kitchen. There was no way he could've made it up the stairs that quick. I went into the house and had them go into the basement with me. I stood exactly where I had seen the figure, they told me that they could see my face, clothes, hair color, all of me. So I had my friend stand there. I looked and just as they saw me, I saw him just as clear as day. I then got the creeps, mainly because I was talking to a ghost. We all hauled butt up the stairs. This is the one that still gives me and my sister the chills.

By Tyna Flynn



My wife and I have provided foster care for disabled adults for some years now, many terminal. A few years ago we were caring for a gentleman who had suffered a stroke. He had been with us for several years and we had become very fond of him. He was, however, sometimes very bitter and somewhat hard to get along with and he would become very upset when I was gone and showed little respect for my wife or any woman for that matter. To show that he was upset whenever someone made what he thought was too much noise, he would turn his TV up very loud. As time passed he became weaker and madder. He resented his situation and was eager to tell everyone that he was mad and when someone he knew passed, he would start complaining that it was his turn and it was not fair. Well, as time went on his time came and he passed, angry to the last. Soon after his passing we started to experience strange things with our television sets. When we were watching the sound would suddenly go up very loud and the sets would not respond to our efforts to turn them down or they would just shut off at the ending or right at the most inopportune times. Since we have four sets in this home and this happened to them all, I feel it is safe to rule out mechanical failure. This stopped as suddenly as it started about two weeks later and I must say we kind of miss having him with us even just in spirit.

By Dave Beckman



I have had many encounters with the paranormal and the following is one of them. I was living in Pomona, California in 1978. I was involved with a woman who lived in a small tract home, the house consisted of a small living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two small bedrooms. She told me that the house was haunted and that she could hear a dog howling from her closet and although I had many experiences with different aspects of the paranormal, I found it difficult to believe her. I took her to her house and there were no animals anywhere near the house. We entered the house and the television was off and again, no animals in the house. We went to her bedroom and no sooner had we stepped inside when a dog ( it sounded like a mastiff ) started howling. The howling came from the living room and was so loud that the walls reverberated with the sound. I looked at her and she said that she had told me that it was haunted. My ardor cooled and we left. As soon as we left the bedroom the howling stopped. The howling was just evil and what had transpired in that house before my friend moved in is a mystery to me. I never went back there.

By John Driessler



When I was 10 years old I went up north to Isogo county with my dad to go hunting.We went to bed early, around 8pm because we were to be up by 5 and into the woods by 6am. It was tradition in our family, my grandfather took my dad there, and my grandfather's father took him there.
My grandfather slept upstairs in the new part of the house and me and my dad slept downstairs in the old cabin. The rooms had no doors. Just curtains separating the rooms.The bathroom had a wooden door that would slide open and close. The walls were nothing more then boards nailed together and there was about a 6" gap between the floor and also between the ceiling that you could see under them and over them.
Around 830 we both heard someone walk through the curtains and out into the living room. We heard the bathroom door open and then slide shut. We assumed it was my grandfather from upstairs. We both thought it was kind of odd he would be down here to use the bathroom since there is one up there. After a few minutes I had to use the bathroom, I told my dad and he said to wait your grandfather is in there. I waited and told him again. He got up and found the door was open and no one was in there. So I used it and got back in bed. About 15 mins later we heard someone sit down in the old lazy boy chair and kick back and extend the foot rest. Also the old antique lamp turned on in the living room next to it. My dad yelled my grandfathers name and asked him what he was doing. No response, he yelled again and nothing but silence. He asked me to go see if he was still in there and to turn the light off. So I did. No one was in the chair and the foot rest wasn't extended.  I pulled the chain and it turned off. No sooner had I got in bed, the light came on again. My dad said, I thought you turned it off, I told him I did. I again went out there and turned it off. AS soon as I got in bed it came back on. Now its not a touch lamp so I know it wasn't being turned on like that. Its a pull chain. This time I unplugged it. Again I got in bed and again it turned on. This time all three bulbs turned on instead of just one. I could tell it was all three because of the intensity of the light shining up over the wall. I told my dad I had unplugged the lamp. And he said I couldn't have because it was on. No sooner had he said that it slowly dimmed, and faded out.
By this time I was getting scared. I asked my dad how that thing could be turning on by itself. He said it must have had a short in the plug. I asked how it could turn on after being unplugged. He said must have had some electricity stored in it.
All was quiet for a while, when we heard the sink turn on. I clearly heard a cup being filled with water. Then the sink turn off. I woke my dad up and told him and he said it was probably my grandfather up stairs. I fell back asleep and the alarm we had set for 5am went off. Only it was 3am. My dad said, huh this is set for 5. The alarm was an old wind up alarm with 2 sets of hands. One set was for the time and the other was for the alarm. He showed me how the alarm hands still pointed at 5am. He wound it up a bit and put it back on the dresser, where it went off again. then again then again. Finally he put it in the drawer under some clothes.
Maybe an hour later I woke my dad up and told him I couldn't sleep I was too afraid. He said if it is a ghost its just your great grandfather preparing  to get up and go hunting like he always did. I had never met my great grandfather, he died before I was born.
It was at that moment I started wishing if it was my great grandfather that he would leave because I was very scared. No sooner had the thought flashed my mind did we hear the most loudest crash you could imagine. Both my father and I sprang from our beds and ran to the living room. We expected to see a bear or something thrown throughout large 6' glass window. We both clearly heard crashing and smashing of glass being broken and landing on the cement floor. Yet nothing was out of place. We both went back to the bed room and as I was walking by that old lamp, it turned on. I showed my dad the damn thing was unplugged yet it was on. I pulled the chains and it wouldn't turn off.  I didn't sleep at all that night. I was too afraid. I laid in bed with goose bumps covering my body and the feeling that I wasn't welcome there. I had the chills all night long even though I was sleeping next to the furnace. I could plainly see the curtains moving as if someone walking through them all night. As if someone was wanting to go to bed but I was still there and they couldn't.
I never spent the night in downstairs after that again. Do you blame me?

By Tim



About 10 years ago I was staying the night at a friends house and we were the only two people there. We were both about 14 years old and we were in the living room of his apartment at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments in Waterford, Michigan. We were both sitting in side by side recliners watching TV and all out of nowhere the toilet flushed and you could hear the door swing as if someone moved it (door hinges made a noise when you would open/close door.) The bathroom is like 15 feet away and down a hallway that you would have to walk in the site of the living room to get to. I looked over at him and ask him what anyone probably would "What the hell was that? I thought we were the only ones here!!" He just grinned and said "the ghost" like it was nothing. I was like "What the hell do you mean it is a ghost!!" He said all kinds of weird stuff happens and that it stops if you act like it isn't freaking you out. Well, it freaked me out!! So since I hadn't seen anyone walk back down the hallway from that bathroom, believe me I never took my eyes off that corner of the hallway, I made him get up with me and go take a look. We did and nothing was there. Then I made him walk around the rest of the apartment with me because I thought that maybe, just maybe, he was in on some gag on me and there was someone else there. We looked everywhere!! Nobody!! Then as we sat back down, he goes, "now watch, it's going to keep happening" Sure enough, about 10 minutes later the same thing happened, the toilet flushed and the door swung, but this time all the lights were on and I stared at the hallway the whole time and made him show me again, and again, nothing. It ended up happening 2 more times before his mom came home and he told her it happened while I was there and there I was hoping she is going to say he is pulling my leg somehow or something but she says, "You didn't freak out did you? He won't stop if you do." I was scared that it was real. His mom told me how she had seen the figure of a man several times, laid down in bed and shut her eyes and then feel like hands going around the outline of her body, like tucking the covers up around her. All I know is that I sat up all night while they all slept watching TV until I went home the next morning. I never went back and stayed the night at his apartment again. A few of our friends had stayed at his house and had things happen while they were there too. The thing they agreed on though was it never happened until after it was dark outside.

By P. L.



This story actually happened to my brother and I totally believe him. He was staying the night at his girlfriend's house a few years ago. Her mom would make him sleep on the couch in the living room if he stayed the night. He said he was woke up at 2 in the morning by one of his girlfriends little brother's toy cars turning on and driving around the living room floor. He turned the light on and went and looked in his girlfriends bedroom thinking she was messing with him and she was sound asleep, so was the mom and little brother. He thought it was strange but eventually fell back asleep after picking up the car and putting it back in the toy box in the living room. About an hour later he was woke up again only this time it was the car and fire truck turned on going in circles in the middle of the room around a few toy men that were laying on their sides. Now he freaked out and went and woke up everyone in the house and they all sat in the dark in the living room until sunrise but in never happened again that night. In the few months that followed, other strange things happened with the toys. Sometimes they were moved into different places in the house, even a few would be found in the bath tub. His girlfriends family ended up moving about six months after he had stayed the night and in that time there has been several families move in and out of that home. Same reasons? I don't know.

By P. L.