One day while picking blueberries my great grandmother heard music and followed it. She was missing for two days in St John's Newfoundland. After two days and nights she came roaming out of the woods confused and her clothes were in side out and she was washed from head to toe. She was taken by the good Fairies.

By Frankie Lee



This is a story my friend told me that happened to her Aunt. Well, her aunt's father used to collect knives. They HAD to be in perfect condition. Every day, her father would get all the knives out of his cabinet where he kept them, and  clean the knives from bottom to top, and then put them back  right where they were before.  Another thing that was weird about her father  was that every morning at 7:00 am he would open all the windows in his   house, and close all of them at 10 PM at night. Well, her father passed away from a heart attack, and her aunt was horror struck. She loved him very much. Time passed, and her aunt never dared to open or touch the knives. They were all getting very dusty. One day her aunt was at her house alone, and she  went into her bedroom and she noticed something laying on her dresser...a  knife. She picked it up and noticed it was clean as it was when her husband was alive. No dust, nothing. She cried softly and went to go put it back. When she did this she found that the knife cabinet was open, and all the knives had been cleaned. When she went to bed that night, she decided to  close all her windows in her house. When she woke up at 8 am around that time, she noticed her windows were all open. Now, almost every night, she doesn't have to open or close her windows, or clean that cabinet of beautiful knives, ever again.

By Sarah



In the summer of 1971, my husband and I were living in Battle Creek, MI. One weekend we  decided to spend the day antique shopping around the city. We walked in and out of shops in our search for an extra dresser.  Finally, we found a small "poor boy" styled dresser in real good condition. We looked it over and discussed a price with the store owner and came to an agreement. We loaded into our trunk and went home. We were totally delighted with the outcome of our quest. We carried our prize into the house and closely examined each drawer.  When I opened the bottom drawer, there neatly folded was a suit. On top of the suit was a pair of leather walking shoes.  I put them in a paper bag and took them to the basement, hoping I could use them in our yearly yard sale.  That night I was startled awake. The room had a mist in it as though the house was on fire. I looked toward the doorway and I saw the shoes there. I shook my husband awake. To my dismay, he saw nothing.  I told him what I saw and he told me that I was probably dreaming. The next night the same thing happened again. Now, I was getting worried.  And still John didn't see anything.  About a month went by and nothing more happened, until one night I was alone dozing on the sofa and watching television. That's when I heard the footsteps slowly coming up the basement stairs. I quickly turned down the television to listen. Sure enough someone or something was coming up the stairs. Slowly I got up and tiptoed to the basement door and slid the bolt across to lock it. I went back to the sofa and waited, falling asleep. In the morning I awoke and immediately went to the basement and brought up the shoes and suit and burned them in the burning barrel. Shortly after that we moved away. And I heard that the house on Pauline St. burned to the ground since.

By J. C.


About 5 years ago my wife and I, with our first son, were living in a two family house in Detroit. My grandmother owned the home and lived in the upstairs flat and we lived in the downstairs flat. Before we moved in an elderly gentleman lived there for many years. He died in the house. His body was found in the kitchen near the rear of the house. On 3 separate calendars the date he died was circled. No one knows if he circled them or what. He died of a heart attack so there was no foul play. Anyway, we moved in around 8 months later after I remodeled the whole flat. Especially the room he died in. I pulled up the flooring and laid tile down. The place where his body was found the tiles kept moving out of place. We would find them moved in the mornings when we would wake up. There also was a smell of English Leather cologne that would appear out of nowhere and then go away. My grandmother told me that it was the cologne the man always wore. We would hear sounds at night if we were alone. The most chilling experience came when my son who was around 3 years old at the time told me one morning that he saw an old man by his bedroom door that night. I asked him what he looked like and then told him he was probably dreaming. Later that day we were looking through old photo's with my grandmother and my son. In the photo's was a picture of the man who lived downstairs before we moved in and my son looked at me and said that it was the man he saw by his door. This sent chills up my spine. Actually writing this is giving me the willies. We lived there for a few years and the ghost never really bothered us but we knew he was around. He was a friend of the family so I guess he wouldn't harm us. My grandmother has passed away and the house has been sold but I wish I could go back and see if his presence is still there and try to get it documented somehow.

By Sam



This is one of many experiences I have had in my life. Last year my husband and I were separated. We have two children, and after many years of marriage he decided to end our marriage. I spent months coping with this loss on top of my kids' loss. Keeping my despair to myself till January of the new year. I finally had decided life wasn't worth living, for many reasons. I was just completely lost. I woke at 2:30am to someone gently touching my face in a soothing manner. In a soft voice telling me not to give up. That things would get better. Please keep the faith in your heart. I could feel the wetness on my cheek and the warmth on my face. NO one was in the house but me that night. My husband had the children. I thought I was dreaming at first, but the light that I saw told me otherwise. I had decided then to fight again. I am not sure who was in my room that night. Whoever it was has been back since whenever I feel the need to give up. I will see a light of some kind when it is dark. A brush of cool air when it is stifling hot in my home. The lights will turn off and not come back on for a day or so. I tried to change the light bulb and had the electrical outlet checked but it showed nothing wrong. My puppy sometimes will growl at thin air. Sometimes he won't let me in the kitchen, but I am not afraid. My husband is home now and I keep these things to myself.  My daughter has claimed to have seen a man in her room, and I believe her. I know not a living person is in the house, but someone harmless. He scared my other daughter but she is quite over it now. I have not told my husband for he won't believe me. But I know the truth. That is a true story.Really not a story, but an actual event in my life. I will never understand how or why it is happening but it is and I accept it.

By Anonymous



I am from a little town from Pennsylvania. I have many weird, not necessarily so called weird but many, many ghost stories I have heard. One that sticks out in my mind was when I was around 10 years old. I was with my brother who was 13 at the time. We were walking around our neighborhood and there is a cemetery about 2 blocks from our house. We decided to walk through it to get to some old cannons. When out of the corner of my eye I saw an elder man down the hill standing over a grave. He spotted me and my brother and all of suddenly he came charging after us up the hill. My brother and I took off to the cannons by the time we got there, the elder man was standing next to the cannon. My brother and I took off home. What to this day ( 9 years later) how come that elder man could get from the bottom of the hill and to the top in like 30 seconds. To this day every time I think of that instead I still can't get the look of death and the order of a decaying flesh out of my mind.

By Shelley


About 4yrs ago I lived in New Buffalo, MI right on US12. My husband and I rented a house from a friend of the family, we were told one time that someone in her husbands family died in the house and she just wanted us to know.  All we knew was that it was a man of about 40 years old who died there.   And that he was a very nice man in life.  My daughter was only 2 months old at the time and she was sleeping in her crib. My husband was working that evening and I knew we were the only two in the house.  As I sat watching TV in the living room I could see into my dinning room and into the kitchen where on the left wall were my washer and dryer and right across from that was my daughters room.  Something caught my eye, it was a tall dark shadow of a man that walked into my daughters room. At first I was in shock but then decided I should go check on her. When I got to her room (I ran there) she was wrapped up in her blanket her head was covered and it scared me to think that if that man didn't get my attention when he did my daughter may not have woken up the next day.   I noticed after that night there was something in the house that would watch me and my daughter almost as if he were looking out for us or more likely her. When we moved I talked to the people who live there now they also have a child. I asked if they had noticed anything and the lady said that now and then she sees someone in the kitchen by the kids room, almost as if they were keeping watch over the kid.  I still live in the New Buffalo area and drive past that house and several others that I have been told are haunted.

By Kristie Pirkel


February 11, 1971  6 AM  Placentia Orange County California.  I awoke to the clock radio playing louder than usual. I asked my husband Bill, to turn the music down, for I did not want to wake our six year old daughter sleeping in the next room. I turned to my left turning the radio down, to find my husband fast asleep on his side with his back to me. I rolled over on my back,  letting my right hand dangle loosely at the right side of the bed.  I remember looking at the night light glowing in the mirror in the master bathroom, and the hanging chain light centered above our bed, starting to swing back and forth so very slightly, when suddenly, I felt warm moist breath and something licking my right hand.  I turned to face a very large white Mastiff type dog with piercing blue eyes. Where did it come from, raced through my mind? I can still visualize in my mind  the bright pink loose skin around it's eyes and the foaming smelly spit dripping from it's tongue dangling from it's huge sagging pink mouth. The dog seemed only a foot away from my face!  It was huge, I would guess 100 pounds.  I watched it swallow, and I can remember the muscles in it's neck bulged. My hand felt hot and sticky.  I think I screamed and somehow  leaped over my sleeping husband to the other side of the king sized bed, dragging all the blankets with me to the floor.   Bill grabbed me and seconds later, we experienced a very strong earthquake. I can remember screaming about the white dog, our daughter running to our room jumping on our bed, frightened of the earthquake, and  me searching  the room with my eyes, trying  to find the white dog that vanished. During the earthquake, a tall heavy walnut and brass lamp on my night stand had crashed and fallen over on my pillow.  The light bulb had shattered on the headboard right above my pillow, spraying grass on my pillow, and the shade bounced across the bed.  It is obvious, if  I had remained with my head on the pillow, I would have been severely injured or dead.  I love and respect animals, and I do consider dogs, man's best friend.  I do not scare easily, so if the white dog was my guardian angel,  it had to go to extremes to get me out of harm's way.  That was thirty years ago, but I can still see, feel and smell that white dog that saved my life, as if it were only yesterday.

By Rita Pullen Swift


Last summer, I was reading and relaxing at our public library, when my eyes focused  on a magazine on a rack.  There on the front cover of the magazine was a huge white Mastiff type dog staring from the cover. Sitting to my right was was an elderly lady sitting and also staring at the white dog on the cover of the magazine.  Our eyes met, and we starting talking about the dog. I told her my story, and to my amazement, she answered by wanting to tell me about a strange white dog she felt saved her life.  She said she had tried to tell the story in the past, but most response was that she was not playing with a full deck, so to speak. Her name was Edna. She was 20 years old living in Dearborn Michigan in 1942. It was middle December, and she was involved volunteering her time at a U S O Canteen for the servicemen. It was about midnight, the canteen was filled with cigarette smoke, loud talk and music. She had been there for six hours and was developing a bad headache. She knew she had to go to business college the next morning. She asked her girlfriend to walk out front with her to get some fresh air. The canteen would be closing in a half hour. She was responsible to stay for cleanup after closing, for everyone volunteered their time. After awhile, her girlfriend, turned and walked through the door into the canteen, and Edna started to follow.  Suddenly, a huge white dog came out of the mist and darkness. She described it's face looking like a bull dog with eyes that   were so evil. Immediately, it blocked her from entering the door of the canteen. She looked around, but there was no one there, just the dog and her, standing in the darkness surrounded with mist and snow turning to slush around her feet. The dog started forcing her down the street.  She could feel it's rib cage rubbing against her legs.  During the War, she could not get nylon stockings, so she had to wear bobby sox's with her shoes. She could feel the warm spit from the dog's mouth, running down her right leg, dripping on her sox and shoe.  If she slowed down, the dog growled louder and snarled it's mouth, constantly growling as it forced her to walk faster. She suddenly realized the dog was taking her home, knowing  where to turn to go directly to her front door.  She climbed the wooden steps, to her front door, knowing her parents were in bed.  As she reached under the mat to get the key, the dog pushed against her and growled wanting her to go into the house.  When she got into the house, she looked out the door window unto the porch, and there was the dog sitting and facing her, staring at her as if it knew her every move.  She found some steak bones on the kitchen counter, opened the door slightly and threw them out on the porch near the dog.  The dog only sat and stared  at her with an extremely evil look out of it's eyes. Before she could close the door completely, the telephone in the hall rang. The message was from a friend at the canteen.  Her girlfriend had been accidentally shot and killed at the front door of the canteen. It seems when her girlfriend went ahead of her into the canteen, minutes later a fight broke out between two servicemen over a woman, and shots were fired.  Her girlfriend ran to the front door, and was shot in the back and died instantly.  Her girlfriend  was doing the cleanup, Edna was supposed to do.  In shock, she hung up the phone, noticing the front door was not closed. Slowly, she went to the door, looking for the dog that had disappeared, just the steak bones lying there. She carefully looked through the house, but the dog had vanished. Needless, to say at the funeral, Edna was in deep depression and feelings of guilt for not staying and somehow doing her work.  Several days later, she decided to go to the cemetery by herself.  It was late afternoon, and darkness was setting in. Her friend was in the mausoleum, and Edna was wanting to pray and beg for forgiveness. The snow was becoming heavy on the ground.  As she was leaving, she looked across the cemetery at a private crypt that someone had draped with Christmas lights.  She remembered, wondering how someone got electricity out there? There on the steps of the crypt, was the white dog, and as she watched it with fear in her heart, it disappeared into the steps, only the snow remaining.  She got enough courage to walk to the steps in front of the crypt, hoping to find the dog's foot prints. There were none. The dog disappeared before her eyes, never to return. That happened 58 years ago when she told me the story sitting across from me in the library. Occasionally, when I am at the library, I have looked for her, but never see her when I am there. She was raised Catholic and always believed guardian angels were beautiful with feathered white wings. To be honest, I believed the same story.  Now, I think we were both wrong. If a life must be saved, our angels have to go to desperate extremes.

By Rita Pullen Swift


I used to live in a house in a sub division called red arrow in Detroit. It was a creepy house that no one (my mom, dad, and brother) liked. In the  middle of the night we would hear footsteps and people screaming. We were  scared to death of this house but didn't have enough money to move so we  stayed there. Our basement was a winding basement so to get into it after you  walked down the stairs is to walk right or left and turn so it was very easy  for people or things to hide down there which was one of the most creepiest  parts of it. The light at the base of the stairs would be unscrewed half way  and sometimes almost falling off every morning. So we would have to run down  the, screw it back in, and run up the stairs and turn the light back on. My  bedroom was right off of the living room so I got the worst experiences. The  basement stairs were right in front of my room so practically every night I  would hear footsteps and see apparitions. None of the apparitions never really  stood out until 1 night when I saw a civil war looking man standing in the  corner of my pitch-black room smoking a pipe. It scared me real bad. That same  night my house turned scorching hot. My dad told me that next morning that he turned our old fashioned stove furnace down and an hour later it was turned  all the way up on its own. Then when he tried to lower the temp. it was  stuck. A few months later me and my brother were the only ones home and we
were in the living room watching TV and the house started smoking up so we  ran outside. Our house was on fire. I burnt all the way down to the ground  mysteriously. They never found out why. The only thing that survived the fire  were some old photographs and an old wooden cross that was on the wall next  to the front door. We now have the tarnished wooden cross hanging in our house because we think it will give us good luck.

By Aaron C.


I have always been into the Paranormal...ghosts, witches, UFOs...all the good creepy stuff. For many years I wished I'd experience something...bizarre...but I never anticipated that I actually would. I grew up in Rhode Island...interested in Salem, but when I moved to Friendswood, TX, I thought I'd never see a ghost...boy was I wrong. I would spend alot of time with my new best friend...and while sleeping over her house on the floor, I would often wake skin ice cold. Now...this is Texas....It doesn't usually get Ice Cold during the spring and windows would be open, nor will the fan be on high enough to give me such a chill. I would usually just cover myself with another blanket and fall asleep when this happened, dismissing it due to the fact that I'm always cold. After several weeks, my friend, who is also quite the avid Ghosthunter, started noticing the feathers adorning the top of her bookshelf were moving every time she'd leave the room. Now don't get me wrong...I know feathers move with air...but with the way her room is set up, no draft or person walking by is going to blow a single feather around a corner and down a hallway. now...this went on for several well as moving Idols, candles, and disappearing pendants. We knew something was up...we had a ghost. Both of us had heard from a good friend of ours(who's house is haunted by 5 individual ghosts) had told us if you take a picture of a mirror, the ghost will appear behind you. We were both incredibly freaked out to do this, but after several more weeks, we took a regular camera, set up a full length mirror in her room...and she took the picture. We DID NOT press the flash button, but nonetheless, the flash went out...that was the first picture on the roll. Now, figuring that nothing would come out with the flash burst on the mirror, we took another(the second picture) and one of her bookcase(the third). I then used the rest of the roll and got them developed. Those two that we took without the flash disappeared off the the negatives! It was a 24 exposure, I only got 22 pictures! I can understand if they got rid of the ones that were totally warped, or if they got taken over...but my friend who works at Walgreen's personally oversaw the development, and I would still have the negatives...I'm telling you, they are gone. But, that one particular one with the flash...there's a figure above the flash...of a can see his nose and hair, his shirt, and we believe he wears glasses. Not too long after, my friend and I were at her computer, looking at videos she downloaded, our backs to the doorway. Now, her boyfriend was over and wandering around, because I swear..he can't stand still for over a minute, so I glance quickly over my shoulder, seeing black shoes that split, I did a double take, starting to ask her boyfriend something...but no one was there. Now, kind of creeped out, I thought he walked down the hall...but when I called his name, he didn't answer. I found out after a few moments, he was in her parents bedroom all the way downstairs. There was no way, in the time that I turned around and went down the hall, that he could have gotten down there without running...and that would have made noise...and it was silent. Now, we have made a discovery that has happened recently. My friend had a picture from fifth grade that she has converted to memory, every little detail. She left it out on her computer desk for a while, until, picking it up, she noticed a little glint above one of her old friends. She showed it to me the day after she noticed it and we both agreed that it looked like light glinting off glasses...and as I told you before, in the picture we took, Jon, as we have come to call the ghost, appears to wear glasses. He is a friendly ghost who seems to not be able to take a step off of the second floor. I sometimes see him walk across her room from across the hall in the corner of my eye. He doesn't frighten me, but I do not sleep on the floor at her house anymore.

By Alison


Right now I'm attending a university in Texas. I live in an old firehouse that was abandoned in the 40's after the fire marshall's wife died falling down two flights of stairs. About five years ago some guys that were juniors here fixed it up and now I live here with five other guys. Well, the four of the guys went out to go and skateboard downhill one night which, after I broke my wrist in middle school, I don't like doing. Lode stayed with me that
night and we had decided to watch a horror movie. (I'm not sure what it's called--Pumpkin Head or something...) Anyway, we were half way through the movie, vegging around, when we heard someone shuffling around throughout the many corridors. Someone came out through Xavier's room and into the living room and stood behind the couch. We both sort of felt that presence but for some reason we didn't turn around. We felt the hairs on the back of our neck stand up--I guess we sort of froze. The presence shuffled back into Xavier's
room and shut the door. I went in to see what it could have been and no one was there. Yeah, we were pretty freaked by then so we went into the kitchen where it's very lit up and we were sitting around. There's a glass window in a wall that separates the living room and the kitchen. Well, Lode went outside to get a few CD's out of his car and I was lying on my back on top of the island counter thing waiting for him and playing with my hands when someone tapped on the window. I looked at it really fast and nobody was there. It happened again when I was still looking at the window and I went into the living room and nobody was there. I walked deeper into it and looked at the TV. The channels were all changing by themselves. I was sort of scared but I sucked it up and started saying, "C'mon, Lode, stop, I know it's you." But the channels kept changing faster and faster until it just turned off. Then, someone tapped again. This time, the hairs on my neck stood up again, and I became really frightened. I turned around very, very slowly, and I looked at the window. There, waving at me, was a really old lady with a menacing look on her face. I totally froze, I wanted to lay down and die (I know, I'm a wimp.) and then she sort of made this gesture with her index finger that was telling me to come over there. All I could do was stare at her pale face when Lode came in the door behind me and I turned around fast and looked at him. He was like, "Hey, you didn't hear me calling you?" I just looked at him and then I turned back to the window, and nobody was there. Of course, not one of the guys believed me and they all thought I was drunk, even though I had NO alcohol that night. To this day I hear shuffling footsteps and taps on that window, even when one of the guys sitting next to
me has heard nothing. I hope I'm not crazy...


By Randall