I've never really been one who believed ghosts to be real. in fact, I use to laugh at my wife, Kathie, when she would tell me about her ghostly experiences. I just chalked them up to her imagination and forgot about them. Well, that's what I USE to do. Now that I've experienced things first hand I can honestly say ghosts DO exist and they are all around us. Back in 1998, before my wife and I were married, I would go down and stay the weekends with her at her mother's house in Vandercook Lake. Being a small house, Kathie stayed in a makeshift room in the basement and her son stayed upstairs in the bedroom next to his Grandmother. As evening fell one day in August of 1998, my wife's mother said goodbye and left for work. She worked as a home health aid and often spent the night at patients homes to help care for them. Kathie and I were looking forward to spending the evening alone. Her sons Father had come to pick him up for the weekend just an hour before, so we were going to have the house to ourselves. Around midnight, we locked the doors and windows, and went downstairs to go to bed. It had been a long day and we were both very tired. Somewhere around 3am Kathie woke me up and said, "Did you hear that?". My half-awake response was, "Hear what?". "That" she responded. I listened carefully for several minutes before finally hearing what she was hearing. Footsteps...clearly....concisely....without a doubt, FOOTSTEPS! Knowing that her mother and son were both gone for the evening, I immediately thought that someone had broken into the house. Kathie told me that this had been going on for about a week now and every time she went to check, no one was there. As usual, she got out of bed and went upstairs; nervously I followed. We checked everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE,...twice. No one was in the house and there were no signs of entry, either forced or otherwise. Shaken, we returned to bed.

Approximately an hour passed before the footsteps started up again. They paced from one end of the house to the other. Never stopping in between and never varying from their path. Now, I'm not a burglar, but it seems to me that no burglar would break into a house and just paces the floor. And he definitely wouldn't pace the floor, hide while we looked for him, and then start pacing again after we went back to bed. Stunned, we just sat there listening. After 10 or 15 minutes of the pacing, we heard the back door open. Okay, we thought, something is not right about this. We headed back upstairs only to find the back door wide open. We shut, relocked the door, and went back to bed. Because this had been ongoing for her, Kathie had no trouble falling back to sleep. I, on the other hand, was still trying to rationalize the night's events in my mind. As I lie there thinking, this overwhelming feeling of fear engulfed me. I couldn't see anything, but I had this strong sense that someone was standing next to me. As I turn to look, I became immobile. Nothing would move, not my head, arms, legs, nothing. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest pinning all of my extremities firmly to the bed. I remember yelling for Kathie to help me, but no words were coming out of my mouth. It was like I was somehow trapped in my own body. After what seemed like hours, the feeling finally left me. It had only been 5 minutes. In the morning I told Kathie that if she wanted to see me she would have to come up to St. Johns and stay at my place. I wasn't going to spend one more night in that house.

One week later Kathie was visiting my Chiropractor to have her back aligned. She told him the story about the previous weekend, and he gave her the phone number of a Indian woman who could help rid her house of the spirit. The Indian woman was a patient of his and had rid his new office of a shadow that seemed to roam about. Kathie took the number and spoke with the women later that evening. The Indian woman asked her no questions, but immediately seemed to know what was going on. She told Kathie "This is someone that was
close to you who died recently".... "He was paralyzed".... "He just wants you to know he's okay and that he can walk again". Kathie was shocked. She had only spoke with her for 10 minutes, but she already knew all these things. The woman had just described her friend Steven would died recently from complications associated with his paralysis. I was taking a film class around that time and we used his cemetery plot as a scene for one of my short films. Apparently he had followed us back from the cemetery. At least that's what we think. The Indian woman told Kathie to light a white candle the next time she hears the footsteps and just talk to Steven. Tell him she's happy he can walk but he needs to leave because he's scaring us. Also, tell him that David is part of her life now and it's unacceptable for him to be holding David down just to scare him. Kathie followed her instructions and the footsteps stopped.

When my wife became pregnant we moved up to St. Johns to be closer to my parents. My Mother had said she would watch our kids, Jake (9) and Maddie (2), during the day so we both could work. After a little looking we found a house that was older but well within our price range. We have been living here for just over a year now and for the most part things have been pretty quiet. The only exceptions are a few incidents that have happened recently.
Before I go on, I'd just like to say that whenever my wife wakes me in the middle of the night now, I know I'm not going to like what she has to say. With that said, it was mid-May and roughly 3am on a Friday morning. My wife shakes me awake and says; "Did you hear that"? "Hear what?" I grumbled. "Maddies train", she whimpered. I sat there quietly listening. Yep, sure enough, her toy ride on train, with the annoying choochoo whistle, was
downstairs blaring away all by itself. My heart raced as I climbed out of bed to go investigate. As I approached the bottom of the stair and turned the corner, there sat the train in the middle of the living room floor all by itself, whistle blaring as if Maddie herself were playing with it. The whistle is a long drawn out sound that starts out much like an actual
train whistle (whoo whoo). It then goes on to emulate the sound of the two steam engines that power the wheels (chug chug). It takes approximately one minute to complete this entire cycle. If Maddie pushes the button anywhere in between, the whole process starts over from the beginning. Well, Kathie and I both noted that as the whistle was blowing it would sometimes go through the entire cycle while other times it would go part way and then start over. Much like it would if someone pushed the button. On top of that, it would sometimes pause for several minutes before starting up, while other times it would start again immediately after finishing. It is hard to imagine, but it sounded as if someone, or something was "playing" with the train. I picked up the train and flipped it over to remove its batteries. As soon as I picked it up, the whistle stopped and never started again. I quickly removed the batteries, put them in a drawer, and went back to bed. In the morning I checked the batteries to see if they were weak, thinking that maybe if they were, it was causing the train to malfunction. No such luck, the batteries were almost brand new. Needless to say, the batteries stayed in the drawer.

A few weeks after that incident, another toy of Maddie's began "playing" by itself. Not at night this time, but during the day. My wife was doing chores around the house and a toy snail that plays music when you press the button on the bottom just started playing all by itself. When she went to check on it, it was on its side. It scared her a little since she knew the snail would only play music if it was sitting on the button or if someone pushed it. Maddie and Jake were with their grandmother that day so it was obvious that neither of them had done it. Again the batteries were checked, and again the batteries were like brand new.
Probably the creepiest thing of all happened when a friend of my wife's had stopped over to visit. Anna and her daughter, Aliana, were on there way home one afternoon and decided to stop and see Kathie. Aliana is about three years old and she likes to play with Maddie and Jake. The three kids were upstairs playing in Jake's room while Kathie and Anna gossiped about work and other things downstairs. After an hour or so, Anna told Kathie she needed to get home and start dinner. She called up the stairs to Aliana telling her to come down and get her coat on. Anna heard Aliana say "Come downstairs with me." Assuming she meant Jake or Maddie. Anna thought nothing of it and again told her to come downstairs. Aliana trotted down the stairs where her mother was waiting with her coat. As she was sliding her arms in her coat, Alaina asked, "Can Stevie come with us"? Kathie, who heard her say
this, responded with "You mean Jake"? "No" Aliana replied, "I mean Stevie". My wife stood there dumbfounded. She began probing Aliana with questions. "What does Stevie look like? Is he tall or short?" "Tall" Aliana said. "Does he have black hair or blonde hair?" Kathie asked. "Black" Alaina responded. Finally, with some apprehension, Kathie asked, "Where is Stevie now?" "He's standing at the top of the stairs, I asked him to come down with me but he wouldn't" Aliana casually replied. "And where was he before?" Kathie asked with a slight quiver in her voice. "He was upstairs in Maddies room just looking out the window". With that, Kathie quit asking questions and said goodbye to both Anna and Aliana. Later that evening, Kathie called Anna to explain why she was asking Aliana so many questions. Aliana had described exactly what Steven had looked like, without ever having seen him. Anna didn't act the least bit surprised. Apparently the year before Aliana had this imaginary friend that she would talk to and play with, a little boy with brown hair. She would go as far as to ask for extra food at dinnertime so her friend could have some too. Anna thought this was a little odd but didn't worry much about it. One day, Anna was down in the office of her apartment complex paying the rent, when the subject of kids happened to come up. Anna told the manager all about Aliana's imaginary friend and how she would always play with him, especially in the bathroom. The manager's expression went from a friendly smile to one of shock. He explained to Anna that several years before she moved in, a small boy and his mother lived in that same apartment. The boy was taking a bath one evening while his mother was on the phone. For reasons unknown, the boy was found drowned in his bath water. Aliana could see and play with the little boy and it was the same with Steven. He was at our house and Aliana was talking and playing with him. Kathie was stunned, but still happy to know that it was Steven who was haunting our house and not an unknown ghost. Me, I'm still not very comfortable with it. I didn't know Steven before he died and I can "feel" him around the house. Even before I found out it was him, I could sense being watched, especially in Maddies room. The bathroom is another place that kind of gives me the creeps. When I'm in the shower, I notice that once in awhile the room will get darker, like someone walked in front of the light. And when I'm in front of the mirror I have this strong sense that I'm being watched. This stuff doesn't happen everyday, just once in awhile. Kathie seems fairly unaffected by anything out of the ordinary. I, on the other hand, have trouble sleeping at night knowing that at any second a board could creak, footsteps could be heard, or toys could start going off by themselves. Our son Jake has even heard what he thought was one of us walking around in the upstairs hallway at night.

Last Thursday, I came downstairs to get ready for work and I noticed that the air conditioner was on. Thinking that Kathie left it on when she went to bed the previous evening, I turned it off and told myself I'd mention it to her when I got home. Later that evening when I arrived home, Kathie asked me why I turned the AC on that morning. I told her I turned it OFF before I left for work thinking she forgot to turn it off the night before. She responded by saying that it was ON when she got out of bed just one hour after I turned it off. We knew it was not a malfunction because the unit is only a couple years old and the switch had physically been turned. We also knew that Maddie and Jake had not been down there anytime between their bedtime and when they had woken up the next morning. Our upstairs hallway light seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the switch simply will not work. The wiring checks out okay and the bulb is never burnt out, it just won't come on. After a couple days, it will just start working again.

Lastly, this past Sunday, I was upstairs getting my shoes to go outside and I noticed Jake had left the TV and VCR on in our bedroom. I turned off the TV and VCR then went around the bed to pick up my shoes. As I bent down and grabbed my shoes, the TV and VCR both turned themselves back on. I looked around to see if anyone had come upstairs and turned then on behind me, but no one was there. I quickly grabbed my shoes, turned the VCR and TV off again, and ran downstairs. That was the most current event.

Not to drag this letter out any further, but I thought it might be of interest to note that Kathie is quite sensitive, or should I say susceptible, to these sort of things. I had never experienced any ghostly phenomenon before I met her, now it seems to happen a lot. Ever since she was a kid ghosts have made themselves known to her. At the age of eight, in Ypsilanti, she used to see a little girl in a white dress running from the neighbor's yard to her back yard. She was opaque and kind of glowing, Kathie just knew she was a ghost. Come to find out, a fellow who murdered his entire family owned the neighbor's house. The girl had gotten away and was running to the neighbor's house (what was now her house) for help. Her father caught her in-between the properties and murdered her there in the yard.

In a different house, she use to complain that an old man would sit in a chair on the porch roof outside her window just staring in at her. He too was semi-transparent and kind of glowing. She'd always try to sleep facing away from the window, but sometimes she'd wake up in the middle of the night facing the window and there he'd be. Her parents disregarded her screams and crying over the old man as just a nightmare. Until one day her Dad was out
doing some yard work and he happened along the side of the house where the porch roof and her window were. Up on the roof, sitting next to the window, was one of the chairs from their patio set. I asked her Dad about the incident and he has no explanation for how the chair ended up on the roof.

By David Cleveland


My grandmother Margaret was a very dear woman. She went into the hospital in December of 1999. When I saw her on January 2nd, I felt assured that she was on the mend and getting better. My sister and I realized that Grandmom missed her dog Mandy and got permission from the hospital staff to bring Mandy into Grandmom for a visit. She was so surprised and happy to have her baby. Of course, Mandy was delighted to see her "Mommy."

About a week after this visit, Grandmom began having stomach pain. She told her doctor--who "pooh-poohed" her symptoms and ignored her. The next evening her
intestine had burst and she had to have surgery. She was then placed in ICU and was put on a respirator.

I visited with Grandmom on January 22nd, 2001. I could not believe that this was the same woman--her features were so distorted and her body had swollen to over 180lbs (she was 102 on Jan 2nd.) I began speaking to her--knowing that there was little chance that she
would recognize me. She opened her eyes when I began talking. I spoke with her for a long while and prayed. I could see that she was fighting for her life. I told her that I knew that she was a fighter--but, I would understand if she went to heaven. I wouldn't like it, I said, but I would understand.

On the next morning, Grandmom passed away. My daughter and I had spent the previous night sleeping in Grandmom's bedroom.

The night that she died, we couldn't sleep in her room. The pain that we were feeling was so
overwhelming. My sister, daughter, niece and I squeezed ourselves into two twin beds pushed side-by-side. About 3am, my sister shook me and woke me up. We heard
a woman's voice saying "I love you, Darling, I love you" over and over. The message would change with messages of love. My sister and I were chicken and we woke up my daughter. My daughter went to investigate. She went into Grandmom's bedroom and found a music box on Grandmom's vanity. This music box was playing all the different messages of love that we kept hearing. All of us believe that it was our Grandmom's way of telling us that she loved us and will love us always. There was absolutely no way that that music box could
have turned on all by itself--it was not on a timer. It looked like a Phonograph and had different buttons to push to play different messages of love.

It comforts me to know that my Grandmom was able to tell us, in her own way, that she was okay and that she will always love us.

By Jeanie Caron


I am 23 years old and have been interested in ghosts as long as I can remember, but have also at the same time have been deathly afraid of them.   I admit I have never seen one, but did experience something strange when I was about 6 years old.  It was not until recently that my father admitted to me that I was not just dreaming.  I was laying in my mother's bed late one night when I was about 6 years old.  I was facing my mother laying in the middle and my back was toward the end of the bed.  I remember I was having trouble sleeping, like any other 6 year old I wanted to be up playing or something.  My father was in the living room watching TV, and that is where I wanted to go.  Anyway, I was laying there, looking around and felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was no one there.   I laid there thinking my older brother was trying to play a joke on me.  About a minute passed and I felt it again, someone tapping, I turned and again no one was there.   My father soon poked his head into the room and I pretended to be sleeping (because I was supposed to be) and he closed the door.  For the third and final time I felt the tap, at this point I was too afraid to turn, and began crying and woke my mother up and explained to her what had happened.  She told me I was probably dreaming and to go back to sleep.  The next morning I accused my older brother of trying to scare me, when my father heard us arguing he asked what we were fighting about and I explained.   My father said nothing and walked away.  Over the next couple of years my parents divorced and I became estranged from my father.  Last year he wrote me to join him where he was living now for a reunion.  Later that night when everyone was gone I spoke to my father and we happened to be talking about the past couple of years, I retold him the story about what had happened that night, and told him at 23 I was still unable to sleep with my back facing the edge of the bed, and that I always have a pillow there just in case I happen to turn in the night.  I hate my back feeling like it is not covered.  My father began to get very serious and said that he had experienced the same thing that night while lying on the floor watching TV.  He said after the second time he went to check on my brother and I to make sure it was neither of us.   To this day my father says it was my Grandmother (his mother) because she used to always tap him when he fell asleep in front of the TV for him to go to bed when she stayed in the house.

By Courtney M. Durkes


This was my first experience.  I was about eight at the time and was on summer vacation.  It was late at night and I was up reading a book.  I finished the chapter and set the book on my nightstand and turned off the light beside me.  Instead of becoming dark the room became brighter.   Looking up I saw a large brilliant ball of white and yellow light hovering above me.  At first I was very calm looking at it and then my mind realized that it should not be there and I became scared and ran out of my room.  I remember the light followed me threw the hall then everything went dark when I opened the door to my moms room.  I never saw the light again

By Christy 


A couple of years ago a student at MSU disappeared on New Years Eve.  It was a big deal since there where fliers everywhere talking about him and asking people to call if they knew where he was.  His picture touched me.  He had a kind face and bright lively eyes.  I wanted to help very badly so since I was beginning to develop psychic abilities I though perhaps that me and my friends could find him.  We started wandering MSU campus looking for sighs of him anywhere trying to use our ESP to locate the missing man.  Finally we arrived at the banks of the Grand river and as my friends wandered off I stopped to lean against a willow tree.  As I touched my brow to its trunk I hear the words "he's in the river."  I felt very sad and told my friends that there was no point in looking anymore.  He was dead and in the river.  They didn't believe me because the river had already been searched.  Three days later I saw on the news how they found his body in the river after the ice had thawed a bit the pictures on the TV look liked an area close to where I had been when I heard the voice.

By Christy