My dad doesn't believe in anything supernatural. There is more that I believe in that I will tell you about in 'Gramma'. When we moved back to Michigan from Ohio, in 1998, we moved into a house right next to the house that we used to live in when I was born. This house was peculiar, but I never really witnessed anything first hand here. I often felt awkward in the house alone, but nothing too out of the ordinary. My father, however, had been telling my mom that he was hearing weird things. He would be in the house alone and hear a ball roll down the wooden floor of the hallway followed by tiny little footsteps. When he would look up or go investigate, he would find nothing. After telling my mother this story, he heard it again. This time when he looked up, he saw a little boy standing there looking at him. The little boy turned and ran away. We moved within a month.




My gramma died in 1995. I wanted to take her place. I wished that I was dead until 1996, when I finally started to accept it. She was my mother figure. My parents would drop me off there at 6:00 am and pick me up at 7:00 pm to go home to bed. In 1996, I started having what I call 'the dream'. After she passed away I found out that she could have been revived but had requested not to be. This played a big part of the dream. Since she passed away, my family
has not gotten along. When she was alive, she kept the family close and together. In the dream, she had changed her mind and had them revive her. But it still didn't work. We would all be sitting around. No one would say anything, it was like everything was communicated telepathically. Towards the end, when I was getting close to waking up, I would stand and walk out of the house. During the whole time I was having the dream, which was a period of about five years, I tried to get the family back together. It never worked. The last time I had the dream, probably around two years ago, I got up to leave the house when I heard my gramma say wait. I turned around and walked to her at which time she told me that I could not change the inevitable, that I had to let it go. She told me that I could not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, that I had to live my life. She then told e she loved me. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her, too. Then she said good bye, and I said the same. I have not had to dream since.




I am a friend of Orbhunter, someone who has sent you pictures and EVPs in the past. I was over her house one night, hanging out with Orbhunter's daughter, and another friend of mine, in her bedroom. We were playing video games and I had to use the bathroom. When I crossed the hall from her bedroom, I noticed that the bathroom door was shut. Figuring there was someone in there, I knocked on the door three times and I heard a voice from inside the bathroom say, "You can't come in". I went into the living room where Orbhunter and her other daughter were sitting. There were five people in the house at the time: three of us playing video games, and two in the living room. When I asked her who was in the bathroom, she said, "What do you mean? There's no one in there...unless it's one of you guys." She then explained that her husband was not home, and her daughter's boyfriend was not there either. I told them that someone was in the bathroom and said that I couldn't come in. I then explained to her that the three of us were in the bedroom, and I was the only one to come out of the bedroom. Since there were five people in the house at the time, who was in the bathroom?





In 1988 I separated from my husband and moved into a rental house with my two children and a friend and her daughter. One night when I was asleep I woke up to a little blond girl standing right next to my bed. I thought it was my 3-year-old daughter, who has blond hair, so I told her to go back to bed. When I blinked she was gone and I didn't hear any noise. So I got up to see if she was in bed and she was sound asleep and so was every one else. So thinking I might have imagined this I told my roommate the next morning that I thought I was seeing things.
My landlord lived next door and I asked him if a little girl had ever died in my house. He then told me that no one had died the house I was renting but that his niece had committed suicide in his house next door. When he started to tell me the story of what happened to her I had realized that I had recognized his last name. Then I said to him, I know her and was really good friends with her family when I was a little girl. Then he gave me her sister’s phone number and I called her right then and told her what I saw. She then told me that they had lived in my rental house when they first moved to our town. She then told me that she had seen a little girl in the rental house owned by her uncle two houses down from the one I was renting who matched the same description of the girl I had seen. She then realized that that could have been her sister who died in the house next to mine.
I stayed friends with the landlord even after I moved from there and since then he died in his house and then just a few years ago his son died in that same house. I haven't been in that house since.

The weird thing is some friends of mine rented one of the houses just a few years ago. So I told them my stories of what happened when I lived there and one of my friends said that was weird because when he woke up one night he swore someone was standing in the bathroom. He described the tall man who fit the description of my landlord’s son who died just before they had moved in there. I think he was just checking the rental houses once more as he always did when he was living. It was his cousin who had committed suicide in his father’s house many years ago. This was in Carrollton Michigan and I would not like to mention any names because this is a real life story....




I live in Melbourne, Australia, and this story happened when I was 17. My parents were out and my eldest brother had just moved out (I was the youngest of 3 boys), so it was just my brother Gary and I. We were now in different rooms, as like I said, my brother had just moved out. Anyway, that night I woke up and saw a man at the end of my bed. He was wearing a trench coat. I was so scared I couldn't do anything. But, finally, I got up the strength to say "Get Out!" up threw the covers up, getting out of bed. But when the covers floated down to the bed, the man was gone, although I didn't notice at that time. I ran into Gary's room and said "There's someone in the house!" Our father was a butcher, and as such, kept a lot of butcher knives in the house. We ran into the kitchen to get one each. We searched every room, every closet, everywhere. But found nobody. I did a small bit of
research and found out a man had been murdered on our block of land.



I was born in a southern California suburb. I lived in the same house since I was born. Down the street were our neighbors. The dad was a pastor, the mom a teacher, and four kids that were all my friends. When I was 14 my parents bought a new house some ways away, and we were forced to move into another home for a couple months while the house was being built. We moved into our neighbor’s house just as they moved out. I remember walking in and feeling odd. It was about 10:00 am, but I felt some type of presence. We cleaned up the house over the weekend, and moved in a week later. At the time I was still in high school, so my mom would pull a wagon from our old house, over three houses to our new temporary house. When I would come home, my mom would tell me that she saw a black man walking around the house, and when she'd turn, it would disappear. I thought she was crazy, until one night, about a week after me moved in. I came home from my basketball game to see an empty house. My mom was at her weekly meeting, and my dad at work. I walked in the front door, and saw a man walking up the stairs. I froze at the door, and didn't move until it was completely up the stairs. I ran to my backdoor to get my dogs, and call 911. I called the police and they told me to leave my house, take my dogs, and go to neighbors. Instead I walked upstairs with my dogs and a bat I always hid in the closet downstairs. I was a black belt, and trained since I was 5, so I thought I could take whoever this was. I walked up to the top of the stairs, and said "Who ever is hear, you better come out or leave!" Me thinking it was a burglar. I heard a fast whisper in my ear; some one had called out "Jessica!" I was getting even more frightened, and make my way towards my parents room, where I thought it would be. I clapped on our lights, and there on the bed and pillow I saw and imprint of a body. I realized my mom's stories of a man in our house, and I went outside to wait for the police. I contacted the neighbors after that and asked them who the spirit could of been. She told me that it was her brother who had been shot in the brain on a drive-by in LA years before. She told me to look in the backyard for a type of plank or monument. When we first moved in, I had to weed the whole yard, and my mom told me to get rid of the plank. I went into our backyard, and there was the plank in which I had thrown away weeks before. I also learned that Jessica was the name of the mother.

Allison Keen, Riverside California


When I was in the fourth grade, I used to like to fall asleep on the couch of our living room reading books and magazines. But after this one night in early October, I never did again. I feel asleep around 10:00pm, only to wake up around 2 or 3. When you're little, your parents tell you to pinch yourself to make sure that you're really awake. I always had dreams that I would wake up and see dead girls in my room. I never slept in my room because Of it. I woke up this night, pinching myself to make sure that I was 100% awake. I had pinched my self so hard, that I bleed a little. I moved my arm to pull myself up, when I felt a sudden shake on my couch. I never new if it was my cat, or this 4-foot bubbly glowing object that looked like a little boy. The object, which I now know was an orb, walked up my hallway, and went into my brother's room. I got scared, and didn't move. It slowly came back over to where I was, and went back behind the couch. I was terrified, and up until I moved out of that house, I dared NEVER to sleep there again.

Allison Keen


From listening to the recording on this GHOSM site, and previously hearing the name Jessica being called around my recent house, I knew what ghosts sounded like. One day, about3 months ago, I was one an Internet site, chatting with my little cousin. I heard a quick whisper that said "ALLISON KEEN". I froze; thinking it was my parents talking about me. I heard my dad laugh at his comedy TV show he was watching. I ran down stairs and snapped at my mom and dad, "HA HA, very funny! Stop talking about me!" My parents of course looked at me like I was crazy. I quickly ran back up the stairs, listening for them to speak, but they never did. Recently I had been having a lot of problems with my parents, especially my mom. About 12 years ago, her dad died of heart failure. We all know that he kind of watches over us. I again sat at the computer, telling my cousin about how I hated my mom and I wished that she would stop nagging me. My cousin and I both have chatroom cameras. I then heard "ALLISON I SAID BE GOOD" I again freaked out. I was typing to my cousin "I'm hearing voices!" and before I could send it, my cousin typed in, "Who is that?" Oh course I said, "What?" I asked him to save the picture, and later I drove to his house, and in the picture behind me, was a man that very closely resembles my grandfather!

Allison Keen


Ever since I moved into my new house, I can feel strange presence's around upstairs and in our family room. I've seen a little girl glancing at me, and my mom has seen a cowboy sitting on our piano bench. We saw these two figures only once, besides the others in my resent story. But nothing has happened as bad as what happened last night. Last night I slept over at my next door neighbor's house. There were 4 teenager girls, and 1 teenage boy, which is like another brother to me. I feel asleep telling my friends scary stories. I dosed off at 1:30, starring at my cell phone. At 3:00, I heard a blood-curling cry, and someone fly into the room. Of course, I saw sleeping on the floor, and got stepped on. We turned on the light to find my friends little brother in his sister's arms balling and saying "They're everywhere Madelyn, they were in mommy's room. Madelyn's mom left at midnight to go partying, because just recently, she divorced her husband, and need that emotional let-go. I stood up, thinking some one was in the house, and went to the next room to wake up Madelyn's 18-year-old brother. As I went to turn the know I heard him say, "They were 10 of them" I stopped, and asked him, "10 of what?" He was still crying and we couldn't make out what he was saying. He said "I fell asleep in the loft, and I went into mommy's room to go pee, I was in the bathroom, and I saw 10 big, tall black figures with white faces in the bathroom, all lined up!" I sat down next to him. I have had things like this happen to me before. Then he said " I backed away to run, and went I turned, there were 10 more behind me, lined up, and 2 more dancing on the bed! I turned and ran, and dropped Milo. (Milo is his stuffed bear)" I thought he was going crazy. Madelyn and I woke up her brother Martin, and started toward the bedroom where he said it happened, leaving him with 2 other girls. I walked in, to see if maybe it was it was just the way the light hit the room, but the light only brought more visibility to the room. He turned on the bedroom lights, and saw his bear Milo on the floor in the bathroom. After that we went to bed all in the same room, frightened, and with Milo.

Allison Keen


It was about 7 or 8 years ago that I came across the visitor of mine. Several people have told me it is a little boy of 5 or so. He is harmless, but as a child loves to play. Things get moved or hidden and later found in weird places. He loves turn lights on, especially while we are out for awhile. I have even heard him talk to me. If I don’t like what he does I just have to say so and he stops. Many of our friends have seen him and so have my two boys. My daughter hasn’t seen him yet. Every time we have moved he has come too. We lived in a trailer and his parents decided to visit us too. That was very unpleasant. His father was not very nice to anyone. He stayed in the back of the trailer and my son refused to go into his room. He scared my son, who was only 3 years old. He was the first to know he was there. He didn’t seem to like kids at all. I had my kid’s pictures hanging in the hallway. He would throw them down the hall and even broke one of the frames doing it. It was horrible. Finally I got tired of him and went to my son’s room and told him to leave and put an open bible in his room. He did just that, left. It took some time but my son finally slept in his own room again. I was told the open bible would make him leave. And every time we move I put the bible in his room open, in fear he will come back. So far he hasn’t. The child is the only one who remains. I dot know his name but was told his father killed him and his mother, then killed himself. I will someday hopefully know more about him and why he follows me.



A few years ago, I lived in a manufactured home in a mobile home park. During the night I would sometimes hear noises and my phone would ring,
just the phone in the master bedroom. I had 5 phones and when I would
pick up there would only be a dial tone, no one was there, and it would only be
during the night, usually around one am.
I saw the first owner of the home one-day and I asked her about the
problem, or should I say I shared with her what was happening. She
told me that her husband died in the bedroom where I was sleeping and that he
was looking for her and that it had happened to her before she moved.



This happened In Morley Michigan. My cousin and I shared a room and we had two beds side by side. I was always trying to get her to listen and one night she got out of bed and went out to the living room. I quickly followed and I was ready and willing to yell at her, but when I walked out I asked everyone in the living room where Heather was and they told me that she was right behind me, then the real Heather followed me out. I have no clue who it was that I followed out of my room but it scared me.
The next incident happened when my brother and my cousin were sitting on the couch and you could see into my room. They saw a girl walk from one side of my room into my closet.
The next sighting of this girl happened when my cousin moved out and I was rearranging my room with the help of my sister. I heard my sister yelling at me in my room from the living room, so I walked in and she ran out frantically. She told me that she saw me standing in my closet with my back to her and I was just ignoring her. That freaked me out as well. From that point on I always scare my friends and they won’t sleep in my room. I won’t even sleep in my room; I sleep in the living room.



In 1998, my Grandfather passed away. Unfortunately, I was not with him when he died, nor did I get a chance to say goodbye. He died on a Friday afternoon. On Saturday the very next day I received a strange call on my cell phone. I lived in an apt at the time in Rochester, MI and was home alone (I had a roommate). I was in the living room when my cell phone rang. By the time I got to my bedroom where the cell phone was sitting on my bed it must of rang at least 3 times. I hurried to the bedroom, picked up the phone and looked at the display to see who was calling. The caller ID showed my cell number. (I have since changed cellular providers and no longer have the same number.) I thought how strange that someone is calling me and its showing my number, how could that be??!!! Well, after a moment of hesitation to answer it, I did just that. I opened the flip part of the phone and said hello. After I said hello, all I heard was a old, squeaky, sqeamish voice say hello that sounded very far away and that was it. After the voice stopped, there was no static, no background noise, no sound of the phone on the other end hanging up, no noise whatsoever. It was so quiet it was as if the phone was off. My immediate thoughts when I heard this person say hello was that it was my Grandfather. I had all my life to memorize his voice and I know without a doubt it was him. What happened on this day never happened before this time or after. So for 3 days following this occurence I went round and round in my head fighting the truth that it was him. Eventually I just knew it was him and I believe to this very day that it was truly him. The memory of that day is very vivid in my mind as if it happened yesterday. My own conclusion to this event is that since I did not get a chance to say goodbye or see him when he died, I presume he was reaching out to me to say hello, as if to say, "I am still here with you.", rather than saying goodbye.



I experienced yet another occurrence about 6 months ago. It my friends 18th birthday and we all decided to surprise her. We did, and it was great. By 10:00, we were bored, and we decided once her mom went to bed, we would drive out in two separate cars and Toilet Paper Someone's house by our school, which we hate. We drove out at 2:03 am I remember exactly because I was scared out nervous out of my wits. We first stopped, and stayed in my car as a look out for cops or cars. I was starring dead straight, and thought I saw some broad and thick man in overalls cruse in to my view, but when I went to completely focused, he disappeared. I called "cops!" as right after I thought I saw lights flashing, but it was only a truck. We freaked and left. We drove around a number of streets and decided to split up to look for the "perfect" house (no lights, dark, and lots of trees, close to the street.) After ten minutes or so, My friend called me on her cell phone. "Hey, we found the perfect house, come meet us. It took us a minute or so, but we finally found them parked in the middle of the street, all in the car. We pulled to the left of her, just as she screamed, "Who me, F*** you guys...!" and sped off. We thought she was talking to us. We waited there in that spot. I was on the left hand of the car, where the house was, gazing at the house. It was the perfect house. Why had she left? I remember it was Erie though. I had a weird vibe about that house. We decided to drive away and try to find her. We found them stopped again, all sitting on the curb 4 blocks away. The girls in my car got out to see what was wrong with them. They all claimed that as soon as we got off of the phone with them. About 20 or cowboy looking guys and girls came from nowhere and started to yell at them. They threatened them, saying their names. They said that they looked really out of date, maybe the early 1900's. Our little city is known for being a horse run property area for the last 200 years or so. They said that they were completely surrounding the car when we pulled up. They asked us why we didn't speed off like they had. No one in my car saw anything! Everyone in their car had. We ended our night but going back to our home and vowing never to try that fiasco EVER again! And I swear I never Will!



Me and my friend live in Canton Michigan and were at a wedding reception and we were bored out of our minds so we decided to have his mom drive us home. So when we got home we were watching movies and going online in his basement when we heard footsteps and voices coming from upstairs. He went up to do something and I went up to get a drink and I noticed his front door was unlocked, so I went over and locked it. My friend and I went over and grabbed the phone and a couple of small knives because we were scared. We went down and locked the door and put chairs in front of the door. I finally got scared enough I called my neighbors parents to come check out the house and when we looked every where we realized nothing was there so they left. We went back down and after about a half hour we started hearing them again and we realized we forgot to check his bedroom. We called them again to come over and we checked the bedroom but nothing was there. After that night we never heard the voices again.

Bryan Ross



This story is about our home that we purchased in Charlotte Michigan. I had searched for 4 year's for a home in the country with acreage that we could afford. I was thrilled when I found our vacant house! No one told me that the reason it was vacant was because the owner had died a sudden and tragic death. We stretched our budget and bought our family home.

One night after working very late, I came home to what I thought was a vacant house. My husband and I had separated briefly and our children were visiting him at his temporary home for the weekend. I filled the tub with hot water and was enjoying some quiet time, when I heard a loud knocking at the front door. Thinking only my mother would knock so loudly, I threw on my clothes and ran to the front door. I peered out the window from the entranceway, no one and no car; I looked over to my second driveway leading to the barn no vehicle there either. At this time I got the terrible feeling like I was not alone and the hair on my neck stood up. I dialed my neighbor’s number and asked if they could drive by and see if someone was lurking outside in the bushes. I then dialed my mother's number to talk with me until my neighbor’s arrived. I was standing at the front door, when I heard the handle on the closet turn behind me; I turned around in time to see the closet door swing full open. I screamed and my mother thought I was being murdered, I told her what had happened and she told me too look inside of the closet. With legs of noodles I took the six or so step's to the closet and looked inside, there was no one there. I could hear my neighbor’s in the driveway, I opened the door and asked them to wait, and I grabbed my purse, suitcase and key's and left. The man that lived in our home died in a motorcycle accident just down the road......maybe his wand’s to come home.

Around the time of this and other occurrences, I believe we generated a lot of energy from our pending divorce and somehow this spirit manifested at different times. Now we all live fairly happily together here and no more knocking, just the frequent blown light bulb and light switches going off on their own. I never personally saw a man but my children and a neighbor child claimed to have seen a man watching them from inside our house, dining room window, which frightened them as they were home alone with a babysitter who was with them in the back yard. They also reported the knocking at the front door, again alone with a babysitter and I never believed them until I experienced it while home alone and it was very frightening in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Our home is located in a remote area.

My mother who has to come and stay sometimes, as I am a flight attendant, always brings a loaded gun. She is terrified here. On one of her overnight babysitting trips, she heard a voice outside talking to our dogs. I came in at 3am and she said why were you out there talking to the dog's, and I told her mother I was not outside talking to the dogs. Another time when she was leaving after dark she saw a light moving between the house and the barn and was too afraid to get out of her car and come up to the house and tell me. She waited until morning to call and tell me. If there is peace in the house the spirit seems at peace also, but if there is fighting, strange things start to happen.

By Tammy



The House On Walnut St. Bay City, MI


Well, since you were talking about ghost stories, this one's really weird. One day, It was about midnight, when I was about 9-10 years old. I heard weird noises in my closet, but I was too afraid to tell anybody but my little brother, who was about 6-7 years old. He came into my room and slept in my bed. Everyone was asleep, and I know my stepdad has been known for tricks... but this wasn't him! I was almost asleep, my eyes, opening, closing, then opening again. All of a sudden my door burst open! It was shut, perfectly shut, then, out of no where, it burst open. I jumped out of my bed, and darted for the door. No one was there, but I searched everywhere! I was so scared, my brother was freaked out too! I went down the stairs to tell my parents, but all they said, was that I was "imagining" things! I was so mad... I laid there in my bed anyways, then I heard voices... I thought That they were talking about me, but I wasn't sure. My brother was still sleeping when I heard these voices, so I never told him about this until today. I still wonder about this house, on Walnut St., but I wouldn't go back there if it was the last house on Earth.

By A.N.M.